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Cyberbooth #370
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Gourmet Impression LLC
Food Embossers

Category: Food & Beverage; Advertising Specialty

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In today's competitive restaurant and food service industry, standing out by creating brand/name recognition is vital to survival. Yet traditional advertising and promotional methods can be costly, especially for smaller businesses.

Gourmet Impression LLC has developed two simple-to-use and hand-operated food embossing tools that utilize the food items themselves to create unique self-promotional opportunities while simultaneously adding a designer-touch to the food, and enhancing the dining experience.

Special messages, as well as logos, advertizing or images, can quickly and easily be embossed onto many foods. Desserts and meals can now communicate and come alive with words to create fun experiences and lasting memories. Additionally, new movie releases can pay to advertise on food products (e.g. "Jurassic Park Pizza from Pizza House", etc.).

Whether you own a restaurant, if you're a caterer, or even if you just love to cook at home, imagine being able to offer diners menu items with a special touch that will create a memorable experience:

DESIGNER PIZZA whose crust perimeter is embossed with a "Happy Birthday", "Congratulations", or other holiday message, or even your restaurant's name.
BRUNCHES with pancakes and egg omelettes that have your restaurant's name or a special greeting embosssed on them.

DINNER ENTREES such as lasasgna, pasta noodles, pitas, embossed with your restaurant's name or a special greeting.
DESSERTS such as cheesecake, pies, brownies, fudge, and even ice cream can feature your restaurant's name or special message.
FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: emboss fruits such as pineapples, melons, cantaloupe, bananas, apples, and pears, or vegetables including baked potatoes, zuchinni, squash, cucumbers, carrots, and mushrooms, for an eye-catching presentation.

The "Roller" Food Embosser

The "Roller" is an embossing wheel that allows users to roll their message onto thin/long food items or onto the borders of many foods such as pizza crusts, lasagna pasta noodles, and lattice pie tops. It also works well in narrow spaces like the edge of melons and breadsticks. It can even cut strips of foods as it embosses.

As the embossing wheel is hand rolled along the food, the raised letters and images leave behind a repeat pattern of impressions. There is even an interchangeable food-coloring cartridge built in, for optional, simultaneous message coloring.

The embossing wheel provides three embossing options:

  • 1) Standards Messages and images (e.g. "Happy Birthday", and images such as little hearts, smiley faces, etc.)
  • 2) Snap-in Letters, which allows you to customize your own messages
  • 3) Custom Logos/Messages/Images, where you can have your company logo or marketing slogan custom generated for embossing onto your restaurant's foods.

In addition to the embossing wheel, there are also a variety of cutting wheels and embossing depth limiting wheels.

Used in conjunction with the embossing wheels, you can either emboss-and-cut at the same time (something like a rolling pizza cutter), or by using one of the depth limiting wheels, you can create perfect embossings every time with ease, and quickly within seconds.

The "Stamper" Food Embosser

The "Stamper" looks like a rubber stamp, but look closer and you will discover the unique features, modularity, and versatility that make this product so special. The large knob at the top is a quick and easy way to adjust the depth of your embossings.

You can either emboss-and-cut at the same time (something like a cookie cutter), or by simply snapping on a foot, it converts to "emboss only" mode. These base parts are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and cutting edge treatments that attach with a quick release bayonet mount.

The embossing stamper provides three embossing options:

  • 1) Standards Messages and images (e.g. "Happy Birthday", and images such as little hearts, smiley faces, etc.)
  • 2) Snap-in Letters, which allows you to customize your own messages
  • 3) Custom Logos/Messages/Images, where you can have your company logo or marketing slogan custom generated for embossing onto your restaurant's foods.

The motorcycle fender-like enclosure provides a comfortable and firm grip for all hand sizes and can be used with one or two hands. All the parts are made from extremely durable, safe, FDA approved polymers and metals, for years of usage. Disassembly is a snap for cleaning and the parts can withstand the heat of commercial dishwashers.

Target Market:

Restaurants, fast food chains, catering operations, chefs, home cooks, hotels, cruise ships, amusement parks, cafeterias, and countless other places that serve foods in more than forty-one countries

Note: Both products are patent pending.

Inventor is Seeking:

If your product manufacturing company is interested in expanding its proprietary product line or diversifying into the housewares and food service markets, we would like to talk to you. We are seeking manufacturers to produce the Gourmet Impression™ LLC Brand Food Embossing Products.

We are prepared to discuss a liberal licensing, partnership or other mutually beneficial arrangement with you. Rich Errera possesses the following intellectual properties which are available for license with the Gourmet Impression™ LLC Product Line: - Trademarks - Provisional Patents - Copyrights - Common Rights - Internet Domains

Licenses are also available for the commercial use of our Pizzals™ - embossed pizza dipping breadsticks, brand name. Gourmet Impression™ LLC has signed with the elite, renowned Fog Studios ( for strategic alliance representation. Opportunities for worldwide distribution and manufacturing partners are actively being considered.

Contact information
Contact: Rich Errera Title: Inventor and CEO
Organization: Gourmet Impression LLC
Address: P.O. Box 645, Nesconset NY 11767
Phone: 631 930-6014
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