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Cyberbooth #359
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Category: Novelty, Toys & Games

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Preliminary Prototype for
My Imaginary FriendTM

My Imaginary FriendTM

The "My Imaginary Friend" is a fun novelty gift item which is similar in concept to the phenomenally successful and clever "Pet Rock" of the 70's. In recap, the Pet Rock was a regular rock which was packaged nicely in a small box, and was given to people as a substitute pet, and came with a little booklet with humorous directions on the care, maintenance and feeding of their new pet rock.

The "My Imaginary Friend" provides the consumer with a fun gag gift item which will bring a smile to anyone that receives it.

The word "Friend" can be changed to a variety of designated titles such as "My Imaginary Boyfriend", "My Imaginary Girlfriend", "My Imaginary Pet", and "My Imaginary Family", so that a whole series can be made available.

With the "My Imaginary Friend", for example, anyone who has a friend or relative who complains of not having a boyfriend, girlfriend, or pet, etc., can present them with an imaginary one instead, as a joke gift. The imaginary friend can then be playfully included in the person's life, for example, taking the new imaginary friend to the movies, etc., in the same way that children refer to their imaginary friends and include them as if they're real.

The My Imaginary FriendTM concept would be sold retail in a box. The creative packaging for My Imaginary FriendTM is the most important key in the marketing of this product, and is the actual product since there would be nothing inside the box. The main value is what the recipient's imagination adds to this gift item. The packaging would be approximately 9 to 14 inches high.

It would include a "bio" which would contain suggestions for all of the pertinent information that would describe this particular My Imaginary FriendTM, such as ethnicity, age, occupation, place of birth, hair color, eye color, etc.

Other versions of My Imaginary FriendTM could be available in occupations such as: The Fireman; The Policeman; The Mailman; The Airplane Captain; The Lawyer; The Dentist; The Doctor; The Nurse; The Fashion Model; etc.

Depending on the licensee's marketing strategies, they would also have the ability to develop their own idea/image of what their particular My Imaginary Friend[s] would look like.

The product can be sold as a novelty or even as an actual toy for children.

There will be many possible applications:
1.) Internet applications:
The ability to go online and use our creative website templates. Consumers will have the ability to create their own Imaginary Friend. The consumer would choose the following options, for example:

  • - Ethnicity
  • - Hair type and color
  • - Eye color
  • - Height
  • - Weight
  • - Occupation
(This is the make up of their specific customizable Imaginary Friends "bio" or biography)

The consumer may also e-mail us or attach a picture of an actual persons face and create a "bio" with their features. This process would be similar to a police sketch/profile program.

2.) Children's Educational Applications:
Imaginary Friends Store:

  • This can be developed as a store where kids come in and create actual dolls/friends according to their specific idea of what their Imaginary Friend would look like.
  • Stuffed or custom ordered and manufactured using a software program in which some type of plastic injection molding or other process that can be developed to create an actual tangible doll-like product.
  • The idea of having or creating an Imaginary Friend for children which would teach, promote and stimulate creativity.
  • This concept has the potential to develop and teach social skills, manners and healthy interactions for kids.

3.) Packaging Applications:
The packaging would include the box, "bio" (biography) care and feeding manual. -- Children's packaging may have a carrying handle to enable them to take their Imaginary Friends with them.
-- My Imaginary Pet box/package to be in the shape of a small pet carrier or similar design.

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A New AttitudeTM

This gift item is based upon the saying, "You need a new attitude!" Similar to the "My Imaginary Friend" product,the packaging would be the most important aspect of this idea. The packaging would have a clear cellophane front with the size of about 3-4" in height and 3-4" in length. Inside of the box there would only be a small mirror in the back, so that when the person is looking into the box, he/she would be seeing her/him self, therefore the packaging is the actual product. The saying, "You need a new attitude!" is such a wide spread thing that people of all ages and backgrounds will see its cleverness and purchase this novelty item as a gift for a co-worker, an employee, a boss, a child, a best friend, or anyone who needs an attitude adjustment or just a smile. This product would be ideal as a point of purchase display item which could be sold at the register in retail stores like Hallmark and virtually any other type of retail outlet. The item would retail for a minimal price of around $4.00.

Target market:

Adults, teens, and children.

The mass market has been losing products that fit across a broad spectrum, but the "My Imaginary Friend" is rare in that it is a product that has no age limits, and fits across the entire demographic spectrum. It is a great gift for anyone as a friend, an office worker, boss, as well as family members, etc.

The "New Attitude" Product is similarly has a broad market, beginning with teens.

Note: The product is patent pending, the web site domain is reserved, the name is trademarked.

Inventor is seeking:

I am offering exclusive licensing rights for the product and trade names.

Contact information
Contact: David Mitchell Liss Title: Inventor/Author
Organization: My Imaginary Friends, Inc.
Address: 1576 Bluebill Trail, Chanhassen, Minnesota 55317
Phone: 612-716-5477
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