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Cyberbooth #355
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Portable Snowman Maker
Category: Recreation, Toys & Games

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Sketch of
Portable Snowman Maker
The Problem To Be Solved:

Most of the country experiences winter seasons with lots of snow, and building a snowman is a traditional winter activity that provides many hours of fun for children and adults. Yet, making the perfect snowman is a very difficult, clumsy, and lengthy process.

The Portable Snowman Maker helps anyone create a perfectly sized and proportioned snowman. It is a three-part circular plastic mold that can be easily set up, and filled and packed with snow [one section at a time], resulting in a perfect three-section snowman. All the snowman needs is coal eyes and a carrot nose. A plastic hat is included in the kit, which can also be used as a scooper for filling up the snowman with snow.

After the three-part mold is filled, each section has small hinges and handles allowing for the front to open for easy removal of the mold. To store, just position the smaller sections within the largest piece. It can be used over and over again and provide many years of enjoyment.

It can be made in various sizes and colors.

It is ideal for use at homes, schools, daycare facilities and ski resorts.

During a snow storm, the opening at the top allows the mold to be filled with snowflakes, creating the perfect snowman automatically.

Note: The Portable Snowman Maker has been featured in the Baltimore Sun newspapers, and Dayton Ohio Sun Newspapers, Christmas Eve edition.

Target market:

It can be sold in discount, hardware, toy stores, and specialty stores to the market of Children, Adults, Schools, Daycare facilities, International market, Snow areas of the country.

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is seeking:

Licensees, Manufacturers, Outright Sale. The inventor has indicated a willingness to negotiate financial arrangements.

Contact information
Contact: Artega Champ Dyer Jr. Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: P.O. Box 67713 Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: 443-791-4436
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