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Cyberbooth #350
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KLING TUTTM Travel Comfort Vest
Category: Travel, Medical, Fashion Apparel & and Accessories

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Kling TutTM
Travel Comfort Vest

The Problem To Be Solved:

Traveling by airplane, chartered bus, train, etc. can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if the vehicle is full, with all seats in use. Because the seats are narrow, and often share only a thin armrest with neighboring passengers, the challenge is figuring out what to do with one's arms so that they don't invade the adjacent seating spaces and elbow the neighbors.

Kling TutTM Travel Comfort Vest

The Kling TutTM Travel Comfort Vest is a lightweight vest which is worn by passengers during travel. The front of the vest is velcro compatible and comes with specially designed partial gloves that have velcro to allow the user to place their hands anywhere on the vest, resulting in an effortless and comfortable positioning of the hands and arms during close quartered seating.

During sleep periods, when a person's body tends to unconsciously relax, the arms will naturally drop and spread out towards the neighboring space, creating discomfort for the other passengers. By using the Kling TutTM Vest, users can position their arms in a crossed position across their chest area [like a King Tut mummy], for extended periods of time.

The design of the Kling TutTM delivers natural and effortless muscle relaxation to pectoral, the upper back, arms, shoulders and hands. Users can sleep for hours without disturbing neighbors, in a state of coziness and contentment even in limited seating configurations that drive most people to uncomfortable fidgeting and twisting.
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Kling TutTM
Travel Comfort Vest

Because it uses velcro, passengers are able to remove their hands at anytime, for example, if they want to read for a while. The lightweight, yet durable material, makes it usable over and over again.

Target market:

The travel comfort vest can be utilized by anyone who travels long distances by airplane, train, chartered bus, SUV/car, etc. It can be sold individually at retail to consumers, or purchased by airlines, etc. for their customers.

Medical Applications

The Kling Tut also has medical applications. Companies that would benefit include: 1) companies that target patient and homecare needs and specialize in tools to assist in fall management, pressure reduction, physical therapy, and restraint reduction can benefit from the Kling Tut.
2) post-operative developer/manufacturer of products for the treatment of sprains, strains, fractures and post-operative care devices.

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is Offering:

Exclusive worldwide licensing rights.

Contact information
Contact: Scott Hollander Title: Inventor
Organization: Independent APES
Address: 637 Oswego Drive, Carol Stream, ILL 60188
Phone: 630 665-6325
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