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Cyberbooth #344
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Category: Fitness and Exercise

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Al Weber, the inventor, is 88 years old, and is very fit and healthy. He demonstrates various exercises that can be achieved with the ROLL A GYM.

The Problem To Be Solved:

Most fitness and exercise equipment are designed for vigorous workouts by younger and more physically fit people. Ad campaigns for these products focus on developing youthful bodies and building muscles and athletic physiques. These types of equipment are often large and difficult to store/retrieve or require special home spaces.

But there are few, if any, fitness tools for the average person who finds him/herself sitting for most of the day, and who needs an easy way to stretch and perform some basic exercises to stay vital. For example, research has shown that movement and exercise helps prevents back pain. There are also few, if any fitness tools for the growing senior population


The Air 'N Water ROLL A GYMTM is a compact and portable fitness product that can be used by anyone at home, or in the office, as well as in the car, or even when traveling on airplanes and trains. It's a very flexible tool that can be used to exercise while in your chair, while standing up, or lying down.

It is an inflatable vinyl tube that can be filled with either air or water for full body fitness. When the air valve is filled with air [by mouth], it can be used for floor exercises, as well as for sitting and standing routines.

When the water valve is filled with tap water [from the sink], the water adds weight up to 15 pounds when fully filled, and it can be used for mild weight lifting and aerobics. It can also be changed from air to water in minutes.

Use of the Air 'N Water ROLL A GYMTM is designed for stress reduction, firming muscles, toning, flexibility and combines elements for full body conditioning including stretching, weight-bearing, cardiovascular plus low-impact activity.

It's safe to use since all movements are cushioned by air or water. Unlike round/inflatable balls used for stretching, there is no balance or strain problems with the Air 'N Water ROLL A GYMTM. The oblong shape makes it easier to use and doesn't require the balance needed for ball exercises. There's also less risk of injury for seniors.

With one product, a person can stretch, strengthen, and perform conditioning exercises. It allows a gentle exercise routine that can enhance all body movements. It's also a great 5-minute stress reduction tool for heart patients.

The Air 'N Water ROLL A GYMTM also has a therapeutic application which makes it an excellent exercise tool for doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and exercise therapists in rehabilitation centers, retirement homes, and hospitals.

It's ideal for:
---> use by people with physical limitations ie. wheel chair bound, etc.
---> muscle conditioning of sports-injury clients
---> extension of abdominal crunches, squeezing and stretching exercises, back extensions and to support upper body for dumbbell exercises.
---> travel - it can be used as a pillow, back support and for exercises in the car, airplane or tent, trains.
---> relief of back pain
---> home based rehabilitation and exercise system - convenient to use, portable, economic.
---> stress reduction tool for heart patients

Additional useful functions include using it as a neck and back support in chairs, couches, in bed, etc. It can even be used as a hot and cold water pack.

Features include:

  • Made of heavy duty vinyl
  • Compact size: 40 in x 9 in inflated; 6 in x 6 in when flat and deflated
  • Hangs on a door knob with built in strap, ready to use anytime.
  • Can be used at home or at the gym
  • Easy for travel

Target market:

The Air 'N Water Roll A Gym can be targeted to physically inactive adults, as well as senior citizens who need a minimum-stress activity program.

It currently retails for $19.95 and makes a great product for sales through the internet, as well as retail, catalog, and infomercial sales.

Note: The name is trademarked, and the product is patented.

Inventor is seeking:

Exclusive licensing arrangement to a company that can distribute the product. 3000 samples were made by a manufacturer in Asia. The samples are now available. For minimum order and wholesale purchases, or retail purchase, please go to the web site

Contact information:

Contact: Albert Weber Title: President
Organization: Life Improvement Unlimited
Address: 6321 Lindenhurst Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone: 310 478-2993 Fax: 310 575-0560
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