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Cyberbooth #337
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Easy Access Workboot
Category: Fashion & Accessories

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Easy Access Workboot
The Problem To Be Solved:

Workboots and other similar footwear which extend up around the ankle and are fastened with shoe laces or Velcro® straps in front, are often time-consuming and awkward to put on or remove due to the boot's tight grip around the ankle.

The Easy Access Workboot is a stylish and functional fastening system incorporated into the back of the boot, which utilizes Velcro® straps to instantly loosen the boot's grip around the ankle and expand the boot's entry area, making it easy to insert or remove one's foot.

To use, the wearer simply pulls back the Velcro® straps from the hook, releasing the boot's grip and opening the specially-designed rear-entry system on the back of the boot. Once the boot is on, the Velcro® straps are fastened, which closes the boot's rear entry system, securely tightening the boot's grip around the ankle.

The Easy Access Workboot is ideal in combination with other workboot features including lined or unlined boots, waterproof boots, gortex and thinsulate lined boots, etc.

The Easy Access Workboot System can also be built into wading boots, rubber boots, sports shoes, and over shoes.

Target market:

Manufacturers of workboots, hiking boots, wading boots, rubber boots, sports shoes, even over shoes.

Inventor is seeking:

To find a company that will license the patent for royalties.

Note: The product is patented.

Contact information

Product name: Easy Access Workboot Booth: 337
Contact: Marc D. Brooks Title: Patent Holder/Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: 2120 Tralee Pl., Charlotte, NC 28262
Phone: Home - 704-717-8959 / Work - 704-590-8487 / Cell - 704-661-6089
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