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Cyberbooth #325
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Instant Flag Roll-Up and Mounting System
Category: Household

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The Instant Flag Roll-Up and Mounting System.

Problem to be Solved:

The 9/11 tragedy resulted in a nationwide wave of patriotism, demonstrated by renewed pride and enthusiasm for the U.S. flag, along with a flurry of flag sales.

For home owners and businesses that display the flag [usually sized 3 ft wide x 5 ft length] on their building's exterior wall, the current method allows the flag to be mounted at just one angle, and the process of wrapping or unwrapping the flag must be done manually and is cumbersome as well as time consuming.

Instant Flag Roll-Up and Mounting System : Unique Features & Benefits:

The Instant Flag Roll-Up and Mounting System makes the process of displaying the flag as or putting it away extremely easy and quick.

The flag pole is specially designed with two brackets that holds a second and removable, spring-loaded pole which holds the flag. The user simply pulls on the end of the flag in order to quickly roll it up for storage, or down for display. To roll the flag up completely, the user just gives the flag a slight pull and lets go and the flag will roll up automatically. To stop the flag at any other length, the user lets the flag catch, and the flag will stay at that length.

The Instant Flag Roll-Up and Mounting System has a unique mounting block which attaches to the wall, with a series of openings that holds the flag at four different angles.

  • The 45 degree angle is best for flying the flag in fair weather.
  • The 25 degree angle is best for flying the flag on a windy day. This angle helps prevent the flag from wrapping itself around the pole.
  • The straight-up angle is best for flying the flag with gusty winds, and prevents the flag from wrapping around the pole under harsher conditions.
  • The 90 degree [which sticks out horizontally in the air] is the best angle to roll the flag up or out and put on the cover.

The Instant Flag Roll-Up and Mounting System is currently being manufactured on a limited basis at a cost of $70.00 each plus $8.95 S&H. The poles are made of attractive natural wood which can be finished with Spar Urethane or white paint [additional $5.00].

The Instant Flag Roll-Up and Mounting System can also be made of plastic, metal or other appropriate material.

A cover protects the flag when not in use.

Target market:

Homeowners and businesses that display flags on the exterior walls of their buildings.

Inventor is seeking:

To find a company that will license the product.

Contact information

Product Name: Instant Flag Roll-Up and Mounting System Booth: 325
Contact: Johnny Sheppard Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: 2960 Dacusville Highway, Easley, SC 29640
Phone: (864) 859-0066

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