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Cyberbooth #318
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Keener Wiener Rotisserie Stick
Category: Food and Beverage, Household, Sports and Recreation

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Keener Wiener Rotisserie Stick
The Problem To Be Solved:

Each year, marshmallow and wiener roasts are held by thousands of organizations including church groups, nonprofit organizations, corporate meeting planners, youth and summer/winter camp programs, family campgrounds, lake, mountain and seaside resorts, etc. as well as by individual campers, hikers and picnickers.

The popular tradition of roasting marshmallows, wieners, etc. over the glowing embers of a campfire, along with storytelling, ghost stories, and singing, is a special and memorable experience for individuals of all ages.

However, the tools most commonly used for these marshmallow and wiener roasts - long sticks, stretched-out metal clothes hangers, and existing roasting utensils - are awkward and difficult to use, and have many shortcomings. Additionally, the natural growing wiener sticks of yesteryear are becoming in short supply and in many places their harvest is prohibited altogether.

With conventional sticks, the wiener or other food item is skewered on a sharp, exposed point or fork and held over the fire. Because they're difficult to turn smoothly and accurately, the food is often cooked unevenly. Many times, food even slides off the end of the stick into the open fire. When trying to get the wiener into the hot dog bun, users can easily burn themselves or drop the wiener to the ground despite their best efforts and most determined contortions. Some food items refuse to turn with the skewer, just dangling there instead. Molten and/or flaming marshmallows quickly become dangerous and difficult to handle. Generally, conventional roasting sticks are cumbersome and dangerous, providing endless opportunity for anxiety if not outright injury.

Keener Wiener Rotisserie Stick: Unique Features & Benefits:

The Keener Wiener Rotisserie Stick is a unique hand-held rotisserie, an open fire roasting stick with a patented non-stop rotisserie feature that is combined with a patented, non-exposed, reverse point. The simple design makes it easy to use, while eliminating the usual problems. Not only does it turn perfect wieners and toast perfect marshmallows every time, but it's also safer and functionally superior in a surprising number of ways.

The user simply slides the wiener, marshmallow, or other food onto the elongated hook of the Keener Wiener Rotisserie. This holds the food securely in place, ensuring that it turns properly and doesn't fall into the ashes. Then he/she holds it over the open fire, and gently wiggles the rear handle in a circular manner [the "wobble drive"]. This results in a continuous, smooth, rotisserie action. No more stop and go. The food is turned non-stop, effortlessly and easily, and is cooked evenly on all sides.

To operate the rotisserie action, the Keener Wiener Rotisserie Stick utilizes two solid hardwood handles that provide safe handholds. This means there's never a need to touch the stainless steel rod. One of the two handles slides up and down the stick so it can be held anywhere, preventing burns and providing greater control.

When the wiener is cooked, retrieving it is a breeze. Just pull the rear handle down by the hip, and the wiener comes to you and "automagically" assumes the optimum position to be grabbed in your bun. This is called the "waiting for the hot dog bun position"!

The seamless rotisserie action allows precision cooking of marshmallows; firm, puffy, light, dark, flaming... or anything in between. If you like flaming marshmallows, you can blow them out more safely and with greater control than you can with conventional roasting sticks. Holding the rotisserie horizontally and away from you, blow the marshmallow out without the risk of it falling in your lap! Simultaneously, you can easily maintain the continuous rotation, further reducing the chance of a dropped marshmallow! You needn't burn yourself or your friends ever again.

More than a wiener stick, this truly revolutionary hand-held rotisserie solves all the problems commonly encountered by people when "pointy-stick" cooking around the open fire. Benefits provided by its patented double handle design, generous shaft length, and patented, non-exposed, blunt, reverse-point skewer include:

  • It provides means to hold and manipulate the utensil without burning yourself or others;
  • It has continuous, smooth, non-stop, rotisserie motion instead of the old "stop and go". Perfect roasting results every time. And you don't need to crank or turn...a subtle "wobble" does it all!
  • It's safer for you and your friends because of the safely rounded end, the blunt non-exposed point and the double handle arrangement;
  • It works with a variety of foods including wieners, marshmallows, sausage, shish kabobs, pieces of steak, chicken or chops, foil wrapped veggies, fish, corn-on-the-cob, etc.. The elongated hook is so very versatile;
  • It prevents your food from sliding off the end of the stick and into the more lost weenies...and if you LIKE ashes on your food...well...I guess now you can use the rotisserie action to get an evenly rolled coating;
  • It allows one to hold the rotisserie in the most comfortable and appropriate manner depending on conditions...[full length for those BIG fires...or in the half shaft position for those smaller ones, or if it's a cold day, or if you've loaded heavier items such as multiple wieners or shish kabob];
  • It gives you a way to lock individual shish kabob pieces onto the skewer so that everything more annoying dangling bits that just hang there refusing to rotate with the rest of the shish kabob;
  • It gives you a safe way to blow out burning marshmallows without them falling in your lap or otherwise burning yourself or others;
  • It allows you to use the non-stop rotisserie action to stabilize molten marshmallows on the skewer while they cool off enough to be handled;
  • It enables you to carry the utensil in an upright position, by the hot end, so the point is not out there waving around in peoples faces...everything is under control and no one gets hurt;
  • It can cook four to six wieners at a time, just slide them around the hook, down the shaft, then back on to the hook again [rack o' weenies];
  • It permits easy one-handed operation while maintaining the non-stop rotisserie motion. Just rest the shaft of the Keener Wiener Rotisserie on a rock, log, or edge of firepit or BBQ and wobble the rear handle. This is perfect for those with certain physical challenges, limited dexterity, or for those who just want to take it easy and maybe free up one hand for bugs or beverage;
  • It provides its own absolutely unique, safe, and amazing way of getting your roasted wiener from stick to bun... just pull the rear handle down by your side...this not only brings the wiener to you, but the hook "automagically" turns so the wiener is in the perfect position for you to grab with your bun. [Even though people are told about this, they are still astonished when it happens in their own hands...kinda like getting something for nothing!];
  • It has a slim, streamlined design that allows for safe stowage of the utensil between uses, yet it remains immediately accessible to whoever wants it next...just slide it upright between the planks in your picnic table with the front handle resting on the surface of the table, the shaft and rear handle hanging below, and the skewer sitting up out of the dirt and out of the way; Alternatively, it can be readily hung by its "hook" end from any convenient place.
  • With practice you can operate two or three sticks at the same time [synchronized singeing], impress your friends...get invited to parties;
  • The Keener Wiener Rotisserie is guaranteed to be a hit around the firepit, always a conversation starter. Even after the roasting is over you'll always find someone toying with it, enjoying the magic!
  • It's made of quick cleaning stainless steel;
  • It will hold up to 8 oz. of food;
  • It has a generous length of 46 inches;
  • It's right or left hand compatible!
  • It's extremely durable,economical and retails for just $19.95.

Target market:

Households that camp, hike, tailgate, and picnic; Organizations including church groups, RV groups, Off-road groups, nonprofit organizations, disabled groups, corporate meeting planners, safety educators, youth and summer/winter camp programs, family campgrounds, lake, mountain and seaside resorts, outfitters, trailriders, hunting and fishing lodges, promotional firms(for sports teams,meat processors), television marketing etc.

Inventor is seeking:

To find a company that can make, manufacture and distribute the product under a licensing arrangement.

NOTE: Product is patented. The features of the patents can be utilized as a unit or in combination with current designs.

Contact information

Product Name: Keener Wiener Rotisserie Stock Booth: 318
Contact: Ronald Green Title: Proprietor, Inventor
Organization: Greenway Originals, "The Keener Wiener Rotisserie"
Address: Box 57030 Eastgate R.P.O., Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada T8A 5L7
Phone: 780 441-1346
See Official Web Site for more information:

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