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Cyberbooth #312
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Pinata Hoist
Category: Toys and Games

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Sample Pinata
The Problem To Be Solved:

The colorful pinata is a popular tradition at parties and festivities throughout Mexico, and has also become a favorite party highlight in U.S. celebrations.

Pinatas, usually handmade out of paper and cardboard, are created in a wide variety of themed and colorful figures and shapes. The hollow center is filled with candies and sweets, and even coins, confetti, party favors and toys. The pinata is then hung by a rope so it can be raised or lowered. One by one, players are blindfolded, spun around so they're not sure where the pinata is, and are given a stick to swing and try to hit the pinata. The crowd waits in anticipation for someone to crack open the pinata so that all the goodies will drop to the ground and everyone can rush to grab some.
Pinata Hoist

However, the most difficult aspect of the pinata is figuring out where to hang it. Most often, tree branches, roof tops or other existing yard fixtures such as clothes lines are used. But they are not always the best location for a pinata game, which requires a lot of space not only for the player to swing at the pinata, but also to maintain a safe distance [recommended 12 feet] between the player and the crowd which usually forms a circle around him/her. Due to this, when a person is blindly swinging a stick in the air, and attempting to hit hard [to break the pinata], there is always an element of danger to the person raising and lowering the pinata as well as to people in the crowd.

The Pinata Hoist: Unique Features & Benefits:

The Pinata Hoist solves this problem by providing a portable, lightweight, and easy-to-assemble hoist that can be set up in any area designated for the pinata game. Because the Pinata Hoist is specially designed for the Pinata game, it is equipped to carry the weight of the Pinata and is much safer than using a tree branch or other fixture which can accidentally snap the rope.

The Pinata Hoist, which consists of the basic frame with a chain, pulleys, tubing, rope and containers [for adding weight], helps standardize the game by automatically keeping a safe distance between the player and the person who is raising and lowering the pinata. Additionally, because the hoist can be placed in any convenient location, a safe circle can be pre-marked all around the hoist so that crowd members remain a safe distance away from the hoist.

Because the Pinata Hoist makes it easy to set up the Pinata game anywhere, professional planners [party, meeting and event] can now easily include the popular Pinata game at birthday parties, corporate events, and other special occasions.

Features of the Pinata Hoist include:

  • It set ups in any park, backyard, playground, auditorium or other location;
  • It is fast and easy to assemble;
  • One person can assemble it;
  • No need to hold a stick, climb a tree, roof or ladder to hang a pinata;
  • It's easy to store and transport;
  • It's reusable and durable for long term use;
  • It's lightweight and portable.

Target market:

Suppliers to party planners, meeting planners, and special event planners.
Party supply stores for consumers.

Inventor is seeking:

To find a company that can make, manufacture and distribute the product under a licensing arrangement.

Note: Product is patent pending.
A working model is available, along with photos, engineering drawings and a brochure.

Contact information

Product Name: Pinata Hoist Booth: 312
Contact: Marie Zaragoza Title: Owner, Inventor
Address: 1332 S. 4th Avenue, Yuma, AZ 85364
Phone: 928 783-0405
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