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Cyberbooth #307
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Potato Rings Slicer
Category: Food and Beverage, Household

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Potato Rings Slicer
The Problem To Be Solved:

In the fast food and restaurant service industry, foods are processed and prepared in advance, frozen or stored, and delivered to restaurants. Everything is measured, calculated, and sized in order to maximize the food output, which is termed "portion control".

Such is the case with traditional french fries. Yet there is an alternative way of cutting potatoes for french fries which not only looks more attractive, but is also more economical and cost-effective for the food service industry.

Potato Rings Slicer: Unique Features & Benefits:

The Potato Rings Slicer is a unique culinary tool that cuts potatoes into ring shapes, similar to onion rings. It is economical because less potatoes will actually be needed to fill a plate or french fry cup. For example, in a french fry cup, traditional french fries fit tightly. Yet french fries cut into rings will fit loosely in the same cup and have more empty space, so that it doesn't take as many potato rings to fill a cup. This provides better portion controls to produce the maximum profitability from each potato, estimated to be up to 50%.

Gourmet Potato Rings:
Additionally, by cutting potatoes into this new french fry ring design, varied creative side dishes can also be developed from the plain potato and added to the menu as a side dish or appetizer. The french fry rings can be reinvented into exotic delights with just a sprinkling of toppings such as cheese, barbeque sauce, cajun flavoring, paprika, etc. As a result, food establishments can charge more money for this easy-to-make and inexpensive specialty food item.

Decorative Culinary Food Creations:
The Potato Rings Slicer can also cut several other foods into rings, including cored apples, cucumbers, and onions. Creative restauranteurs, caterers, and home cooks can innovate and find unlimited decorative and tasty uses for food rings. For example, food rings can be placed around the edge of the plate to add an edible flair to a dinner plate, or to decorate food platters for parties and events.

The Potato Rings Slicer is designed for both home use and industrial use. While the prototype [shown above] is designed for the consumer, the patented Potato Rings Slicer can be adapted to automated machines for industrial use.

Whether it's the homemaker who wants to make food look better, or the fast food industry for maximizing profitability, or a culinary wizard who wants a unique tool to create artistic dish masterpieces, the Potato Rings Slicer is expected to become an indispensible culinary tool.

Special features of The Potato Rings Slicer include:

  • it is both quick and easy to use;
  • one tool cuts rings of varying sizes;
  • one tool cuts the food item both vertically into slices and horizontally into rings;
  • the entire food item is cut and used, so as not to waste any of the food
  • it is made of a sturdy material such as molded plastic and/or stainless steel;
  • it's dishwasher safe

Inventor is seeking:

To find a company that can make, manufacture and distribute the product in mass under an exclusive licensing arrangement.

Contact information

Product Name: Potato Rings Slicer Booth: 307
Contact: Joseph Yawman Title: Inventor
Address: 116 Pine Road, Big Pine, CA 93513-2003
Phone: 760 938-0093 | Fax: 760 938-0093
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