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Cyberbooth #301
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The Maxie-Tab
Category: Personal Care

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The Maxie-Tab helps
prevent embarrassing
bathing suit incidents.
The Problem To Be Solved:

While feminine hygienic tampon use is popular among women today, they have changed little since their inception. Most men do not understand the concept, and they are difficult and unsanitary for women to use.

The reason for this is that the strings attached to the tampon are too short and difficult to find. In order to find a tampon string women are required to manually search for it in areas of the body contaminated by blood and urine. In short, while extremely beneficial to women for comfort and personal hygiene, they are not "user friendly".

On occasion, the tampon can get lodged near the back of the vagina or rotated in such a manner that the string is also withdrawn into the vaginal cavity, and the user must see a doctor to have it removed.

Many tampon users are young, highly active women who become so accustomed to the presence of the tampon that they literally forget it is in place, thus neglecting to change it frequently, or even accidentally insert a new tampon without removing the previous one.

Lastly, tampons also pose a threat to women's health. Tampons which are not removed regularly provide a breeding ground for Staphylococcus Aureus, a bacterium which leads to a number of serious medical problems, such as toxic shock syndrome. For this reason, tampon manufacturers recommend that tampons be changed every 4-6 hours at the longest.

The Maxie-Tab: Features and Benefits:

Since most tampon manufacturers provide a relatively short string, usually less than three inches, the string is frequently difficult to find. The Maxie-Tab makes tampons more sanitary as well as user friendly. It is an accessory that solves these problems by extending the length of the tampon string and providing a tab with skin sensitive tape that helps women easily locate the string.

1) More sanitary, no more "fishing around" for the string.
The Maxie-Tab is intended to help the tampon user more easily locate the string for extraction. This means less contact with blood and urine.

2) No wondering if already inserted a tampon, or fear of inserting two tampons.
The awareness of the Maxie-Tab helps users remember whether they already have a tampon in place which will need to be removed prior to inserting a new one.

3) No more losing the string and going to the doctor.
The Maxie-Tab facilitates locating and preventing dislocation of the tampon string to help retrieve the tampon more readily. In those cases where the tampon gets lodged near the back of the vagina, the Maxie-Tab prevents migration of the tampon string into the vagina so that the tampon can still be removed.

4) Decreased risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.
The Maxie-Tab helps women remain aware of the tampon's presence to encourage frequent changing. During normal use, the Maxie-Tab reminds users to frequently change the tampon by providing a reminder which will then be felt, and has the optional capability of being adhered to the users body or undergarment.

Target market:

The tampon industry estimates that on average, a woman will use 11,400 tampons in her lifetime. While women of all ages use tampons, most users are young highly active women.

Ideally, the Maxie-Tab can be attached during the manufacturing of the tampon itself or it can be made by attaching an additional length of string to a tampon string of an already manufactured one.

Inventor is seeking:

To find a company that can make, manufacture and distribute the product in mass under an exclusive licensing arrangement.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Contact information

Product Name: Maxie-Tab Booth: 301
Contact: Maxie A. Durel-Crain Title: President, Inventor
Organization: Maxie-Tab Company, Inc.
Address: 301 Renee Ave., Lafayette, LA 70503
Phone: 337 261-1782
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