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Cyberbooth #300
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Tubby Toy Chest®
Category: Household

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Tubby Toy Chest®
The Problem To Be Solved:

Parents know how toddlers and young children love playing with lots of toys during bath time. But during clean-up, this creates a problem. The toys are wet and need to dry off before they can be put away, so that mold and mildew don't grow on them.

This creates clutter in the tub, as well as the additional chore of later collecting the toys from the tub, one by one, to finish drying them and then putting them away.

Tubby Toy Chest®: Features and Benefits:

The Tubby Toy Chest® is a multipurpose solution for easily and quickly drying, organizing, and storing bathtub toys, which doubles as a child's step stool or seat for the bathroom as well as around the home.

The Tubby Toy Chest® is a sturdy plastic chest with an aesthetically pleasing design which has a removeable lid, and houses a removeable plastic basket.

When bath time is finished, mom (or dad) uses the basket as a sieve to collect all the toys from the tub, and places the basket full of toys inside the toy chest where the toys can drip dry. Later, the basket is removed, and the water can be poured from the chest into the sink, tub, or toilet.

The parent can additionally have the young child sit on the Tubby Toy Chest® while drying the child off.

When not in use, the Tubby Toy Chest® is small enough [9" x 9" square, 10"-h] to store between tub and toilet.

The Tubby Toy Chest® conveniently doubles as a step stool for kids to reach the sink and brush their teeth, wash and dry their hands, or even step up to the potty. Additionally, it can be used around the house to help young children step up to other areas such as the dining room table. Due to its attractive design, it can even be utilized as a useful toy storage and child's chair in other rooms like the living room or den.

Alternate uses:
Under a different title, the Tubby Toy Chest® can also be marketed as a handy item to be utilized around the house. For example, for families who don't have young children, this step-stool/chest can be used in the following ways:

  • In the bathroom, it can be used as extra storage space to store personal care items such as shampoos, soaps, bubble bath, scrubs, or bathroom cleaning supplies.

  • It can be used in the kitchen as a handy step-stool for hard to reach cabinets and for storing a variety of kitchen items.

  • In the garage, it can store tools or other frequently used items.

  • It can even be used in the living room or den as a magazine/book storage and foot stool.

    Wherever it's kept, it doubles as a handy and strong step stool to reach those hard-to reach areas.

    The Tubby Toy Chest® is expected to retail for between $19.95 and $24.95.

    Target market:

    All households with small children.

    Inventor is seeking:

    To offer the license for the Tubby Toy Chest® to a company that wants to expand their product line. Tubby Toy Chest® also has other products in various stages of development.

    Note: The product is patented, and the name is trademarked.

    Contact information

    Product Name: Tubby Toy Chest Booth: 300
    Contact: Tim Bortka and Patty Karttunen Title: Partners
    Organization: Tubby Toy Chest Co.
    Address: 1231 E. Luray St., Long Beach, CA 90807
    Phone: 949 623-1222 ext.1909 [ph/fax]
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