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Cyberbooth #288
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Trailer Backup Safety Device
Category: Automotive

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Trailer Backup Safety Device

Trailer Backup Safety Device: Unique Features & Benefits:

When driving a vehicle which is towing a trailer or other large object behind it, backing up is an extremely difficult task due to the poor visibility, blind spots, and the inability to determine exact distance from the driver's seat. Sometimes, it is even possible to forget that a trailer is hitched to the driver's vehicle.

The Trailer Backup Safety Device helps prevent accidents that are the result of backing the trailers into objects that are difficult to see, or due to forgetting about the trailer. The Trailer Backup Safety Device is an electro-mechanical safety system which audibly alerts the operator of the vehicle when backing up with a trailer behind it. It sounds an alert when the trailer is a pre-determined distance from any other object, such as a wall or other vehicle, and/or sounds an alert to remind the driver that he/she has a trailer hitched to the vehicle. The following variety of methods can be implemented in order to accomplish this function:

Method 1: An electronic I/R sensor behind the vehicle serves as a safety device to detect other objects that are a specific distance away from the trailer. This unit would alert the driver if anything were less than 3 feet from the vehicle only when backing up.

Method 2: All electrical connections are performed inside the vehicle. A small box that contains a few electronic components monitors a resistor change when the trailer electric network is hooked up, and then sounds a small piezo speaker when the backup light is activated.

Method 3: All electrical connections are performed inside the vehicle. A small box that contains a few electronic components monitors a current flowing between the vehicle and the stoplight bulb on the trailer. Then when the trailer is hooked up to the vehicle, it sounds a small piezo element when the backup light is activated.

Method 4: An electrical connection plug is designed to fit in-between the two connecters with a small micro switch that is activated when the trailer's electrical plug is connected to the vehicle. Then a small piezo element inside the backup light compartment sounds when the vehicle is in reverse. This system would have no electronics.

Target market:

Owners of a variety of recreational motor vehicles such as motor boats, mobile homes, motorcycles, jet skis, storage trailers, etc., who use trailers to transport these large items.

Inventor is seeking:

To find a company that can make, manufacture and distribute the product in mass under an exclusive licensing arrangement.

Note: The product is patent pending and all descriptions are copyrighted by Lars Richter.

Contact information

Contact: Lars Richter Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: 3724 Red Fox Rd, Trinity, NC, 27370
Phone: 336-434-2480 -h
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