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Cyberbooth #276
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Painters Kaddy

Category:Home Improvement, Industrial

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Unique features & benefits:

This invention relates to professional contractors who purchase large quantities of industrial chemicals and supplies such as paints, cleaners, floor grout, etc. usually in five gallon containers for working on contracted jobs. This particularly applies to professional painters who use rollers to paint the inside walls and ceilings of apartments or homes, although it can also be used for a number of other purposes. Painters usually paint three to four feet of surface at a time before moving to the next location. Only at the start of each work day a painter places a container of paint on the Painters Kaddy, therefore eliminates lifting the heavy container many times throughout each work day.

Painters Kaddy: Unique Features & Benefits:

The Painters Kaddy is a specially designed dolly that enables painters and other tradesmen to easily move a large, heavy five gallon bucket of paint, tools or other materials, which is difficult to move around, and keep it close by at all times.

The Painters Kaddy contains a flat platform with four all directional castor type wheels. The platform can be manufactured in two different type configurations. One configuration has four equally spaced guide blocks on the top surface of the platform which are angled inward to act as guides for a container (bucket) to be guided to the center of the platform or a flat platform with no guide blocks but with the center 12 inch diameter area being recessed down approximately 1/2 inch to contain the container (bucket) to the center of the platform.

The platform features an adjustable verticle rod or tube on one side near the edge which bends at a 90 degree angle over the top of the bucket. The verticle rod swivels allowing the horizontal section of the rod to move back and forth over the container or moved out of the way. The verticle rod is removable to reduce the size for transporting, shipping or storage. When the roller is not being used the painter can hang the roller on the horizontal section of the rod centered over the paint bucket and any dripping paint will fall back into the bucket or container.

The Painters Kaddy also features a pulling mechanism, which can be either a nylon type rope with a plastic handle or a metal tube with a handle, depending on the manufacturers preference. The painter can then easily grab the pulling handle that hangs waist high near the end of the horizontal rod without bending down and move it to the next location. This is especially helpful for people with physical limitations or back problems. By keeping the Painters Kaddy nearby at all times not only reduces trips back and forth to the paint bucket but also reduces paint dripping from the roller onto the floor and tracking it from your feet. The user can also place wet clean-up rags and other items such as a cut-in paint brush and tools on the platform’s edging.

By using the Painter Kaddy there will be a noticeable increase in production throughout each work day.

Target Market:

Painters, but can be utilized for any other purpose that requires moving a heavy bucket.

Note: Product is Patent Pending.

Inventor is Seeking:

Licensing agreement.

Contact Information:

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Contact: Frank Snyder Title: Owner/Patent Holder
Organization: N/A
Address: 7400 Willow Creek Dr. #18, Citrus Heights, CA, 95610
Phone: 916 965-4458
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