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Portable Multipurpose Interactive Ultrasonic Sensor

Category: Toys and Games

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Portable Multipurpose Interactive Ultrasonic Sensor: Features and Benefits

Currently, there are ultrasonic systems that detect obstacles in certain monitored areas. An example of these types of sensors include car alarms and home safety sensors which basically detect the presence of an object and trigger a sound alarm and/or the turning on of lights. These types of sensors are utilized in specific environments or locations.

The Portable Multipurpose Interactive Ultrasonic Sensor is a multipurpose ultrasonic sensor that not only senses an object, but also monitors its movement and position

The Portable Multipurpose Interactive Ultrasonic Sensor does the following:
1) measures distance and speed, singularly or in combination
2) counts repetitions
3) prompts the user to maintain a certain activity speed according to a pre-programed setting

The sensor has a display and an audio generator which provides interactive feedback to the user. Along with the Portable Multipurpose Interactive Ultrasonic Sensor's sophisticated features, it is battery operated and portable, giving it a wide spectrum of uses and functionability.

The Portable Multipurpose Interactive Ultrasonic Sensor includes an ultrasonic transmitter and a receiver element. The two units are placed at approximately 30 feet apart and includes a stand-up base for placement on the ground.

It features an "On", "Off" or "Continuous" mode for hands-off operation, as well as a remote controlled keypad for selecting the activities, setting relevant parameters, and activating the transmissions and functions.

It also features an audio output to generate sounds that indicate progress or count according to a display and the computing unit that controls the transmission of the ultrasonic pulses and the detection of the received reflections. Overlay sheets help convert the data into measurable terms for any designated activity.

The sensor has a card port which can accept small program chips chosen by the user to add functions, enhancements or applications.

Among the wide range of activities that the Portable Multipurpose Interactive Ultrasonic Sensor can be utilized for, is the following partial list:


The sensor detects objects crossing the area being monitored by the sensor from 0 to 30 feet away. The monitored area forms a line, and the sensor's detection of an object crossing of this line can be verified and recorded within tenths of a second. This mode can be used for:

  1. Sports: Track & Field training and racing - the sensor can be used as a finish line.
  2. K-12 physical education training and/or school racing competitions - the sensor can be used as a finish line
  3. Toys and Games: can be used for children's racing contests, whether bicycle, skateboarding, skating, and scooter - the sensor can be used as a finish line to measure who makes it to the finish first, or in the best time.


The sensor detects objects positioned right on top of the line, measuring speed, distance, and whether the objects stays on the line or not. This mode can be used for:

  1. Police Department sobriety tests: officers place the sensor units on the ground and require the subject to walk the line. The sensor measures the walking speed, the distance walked, and whether the subject stays on or off the line.
  2. Gymnastics training: to learn balance and for preliminary balance beam practice, trainers have their students walk on the line while measuring the student's speed, the distance walked, and whether the student stays on or off the line.
  3. Dancing: for training in ballet, and other dance that requires learning balance and precision movements along a line.


The sensor can be programmed to detect motion at pre-determined intervals, so that it detects and counts repetitions and prompts the user to maintain a specific speed of motion. This mode can be used for:

  • Exercising: for example keeping track of running in place at a pre-determined pace.
  • Rehabilitation: to keep track of the repetition of certain motions at a specified pace for exercise therapy without the aid of special equipment.

The sensor can be used at night in the dark.

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is Seeking:

A licensee to manufacture and market the product.

Contact Information:

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Contact: Art Felesky Title: Patent Owner
Organization: N/A
Address: 3240 Shelby Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90034
Phone: 310 837-0285 | Fax: 310 838-9736
e-mail: n/a
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