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Cyberbooth #272
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Kompak TM Kan Krusher

Category: Food and Beverage Vending

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The Problem To Be Solved:

Aluminum cans are the number one recyclable product in America. Yet nearly 36 billion aluminum cans (a value of over $900 million dollars) were lost in 1998 due primarily to the lack of convenience in disposing of aluminum cans at the point of beverage consumption.

Conventional methods of capturing, storing and transporting aluminum cans prior to recycling centers far exceeds the value of the cans. Due to the high cost versus the value of aluminum cans many Charities, Municipalities, Scout troops, Fund-raising Organizations, Individuals and Environmental conscience Companies volunteer their time and effort in collecting, storing and transporting aluminum cans to the recycling centers.

Presently aluminum cans are temporarily stored in plastic trash bags or trash cans until they can be transported to a recycling center. Typically the cans are non-crushed and are very bulky, this creates a storage problem. Lets face it, empty beverage cans are a pain. They take up too much room; they create a housekeeping problem; they attract insects and rodents. And, they end up costing you money in clean-up and storage.

In todays current market there are no "Complete Recycling Programs" that offer a true solution to the problems associated with aluminum cans. Capturing, Crushing, Storing, and Transporting Aluminum Cans just has never been easy... UNTIL NOW!!

Kompak TM Kan Krusher Unique Features and Benefits:

The Kompak TM Kan Krusher and Storage System is a patented one-step, complete aluminum can recycling system that provides a TIME-SAVING AND MONEY-SAVING answer.


Designed to be placed near the point of beverage consumption. All the user has to do is drop the empty can in the chute and the The Kompak TM Kan Krusher and Storage System does the rest, eliminating the elements that create undesirable environments.

The convenience of the "one-step" disposal process actually PROMOTES RECYCLING.


Interact through the viewing window as you hear the aluminum can being crushed to a fraction of its original size and becomes an easily disposable and PROFITABLE commodity.


Sealed, sanitary, odor-controlled, stackable storage bin with slim-line design holds TEN TIMES the capacity of the typical waste container --- that's over 1,000 cans ready to be transported without further storage problems.


Once filled, the sturdy, sealed storage bin is ready to be trucked away as an easy-to-transport unit for recycling --- at TEN TIMES THE WEIGHT and TEN TIMES THE VALUE.

This "Complete Recycling Process" saves time and space, just replace the full container with an empty and the recycling process continues uninterrupted.


Owner/Operators can earn an extremely attractive income with the The Kompak TM Kan Krusher and Storage System 'Recycling Program'. Participating in the program can earn an owner/operator as much as $2,300.00 per year per unit. For the right business minded individual or growth oriented company, this could be the opportunity they have been looking for.

Consumers: Consumers can receive as many as six retail coupons with every can they deposit in the Kan Krusher and Storage System.

Target Market:

Beverage vending is a multi billion dollar industry. Wherever beveraages are dispensed out of aluminum cans, the Kompak Kan Krusher and Storage System is the most PRACTICAL and PROFITABLE compliment to new or existing vending machines.

Ideal locations for placing the Kan Krusher are: gas stations, convenience marts, hotels and resorts, apartment complexes, college campuses and schools, office building cafeterias, car washes, bowling alleys, stadiums, and other places where people gather.

Inventor is Seeking:

An angel or group of investors for equity capital.
Kan Krushers are available for vending route purchases.

Contact Information:

[IMPORTANT: Please mention this Invention Connection® cyber-booth advertisement when contacting the client.]
Contact: Roger E. Morgan Title: President and CEO
Organization: KOMPAK
Address: 340 S. Main Street St. Charles, MO 63301
Phone: 1-877-KOMPAK3 | 636 940-9887 | Fax: 636 940-7505
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