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Cyberbooth #271
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Category: Sports and Recreation

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The Problem To Be Solved:
There are many winter recreational sports that take place on frozen lakes or frozen bodies of water including ice fishing, ice skating, snowmobiling, snow or cross country skiing, playing ice hockey on the frozen ice, ice or glacier climbing at national parks or the polar region.

Despite precautions taken, many people fall through the ice each year. While drowning is one immediate danger, victims are usually able to keep their heads above water by clinging to the edge of the broken ice or onto floating gear.

Most fatalities are actually caused by hypothermia, a rapid, drastic lowering of body temperature which causes loss of the use of limbs, disorientation, unconsciousness and, finally, heart failure. Victims only have a few minutes to pull themselves out of the water before their hands become too stiff to use. Then they become helpless, and begin succumbing to hypothermia unless they are pulled out and rescued.

Lifting oneself out of the water in those first vital few minutes is nearly impossible without having something to either grab onto or a way to grip the slippery ice. But at the very least, it is vital for a person to keep his/her head above water to prevent drowning, as well as so that he/she can be spotted and rescued.

PolarClawsTM Unique Features and Benefits:

PolarClaws TM is a safety/survival tool which is strapped around the bare or gloved hand. It features two claws (spikes) positioned in the palm of the hand. In an emergency, the wearer slams the claws onto the ice to help them get a grip and pull themselves out, or maintain a grip if they fall through the ice.

The PolarClawsTM easily fit over the hands and wrists and are secured with non-elastic straps. The metal plate with the claws should rest at the heel of hand. They can even be worn comfortably underneath hockey gloves. In the event of necessity, simply throw the hockey gloves off the hand like the pros do before a hockey fight.

During normal activities, the claws are harmless because they have a special rubber glue over the sharp part of the claws to prevent injury. However, in an emergency, by slamming the claws down on the ice, the rubber glue immediately breaks off, exposing the spikes in order to grip the ice.

PolarClaws TM are available for purchase for $24.99 through the web site

Target Market:

Sports enthusiasts that participate in recreational sports on frozen lakes or frozen bodies of water including ice fishing, ice skating, snowmobiling, snow or cross country skiing, playing ice hockey on the frozen ice, ice or glacier climbing at national parks or the polar region.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is Seeking:

A company manufacturer to license and market the PolarClawsTM.

Contact Information:

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Contact: Kurt Storck Title: Patent Owner
Organization: PolarClawsTM
Address: P.O. Box 858196 Westland, MI., 48185-8099
Phone: 734-525-3062
For more information or to purchase Polar Claws, visit
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