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His & Hers PMS Calendar

Category: Novelties

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The Problem To Be Solved:

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) has been around as long as women have. No one knows the precise cause of PMS, although many theories exist. A major obstacle to a complete and clear understanding of PMS is the lack of a single theory that accurately describe ALL the women who suffer from it. No one key unlocks all the doors.

Although the severity and specific symptoms may vary, Premenstrual Syndrome affects the thoughts, feelings and actions of those who suffer from it. Over 150 symptoms have been associated with PMS. The symptoms vary in length and severity from woman to woman as well as from month to month for the same person. They can also change throughout a woman's adult life. Surveys show that 10% of women have symptoms so severe that they cannot function regularly.

PMS upsets the delicate balance of a woman's body with monthly regularity. Those who suffer from mild symptoms may feel that "something just isn't right", while those unfortunate woman who suffer the most severe symptoms feel that "something is wrong". The off-balance experience of PMS causes many woman to feel they don't recognize themselves. It's as if everything in your life is a quarter of an inch off.

The pain and suffering of PMS impacts not only women but also their families. Children are particularly sensitive and vulnerable. They do not understand anything about their mother's sudden mood swings. Studies have found that at the same time that mothers are suffering from PMS symptoms, their children are likely to be experiencing emotional and physical problems. Adding to the daily stress of modern life, PMS is a factor in a great number of marital difficulties, contributing to separation and divorce.

While less than 1% of women who experience PMS are physically violent, statistics show that 62% of those crimes occur the week before menstruation. A staggering 88% of female adolescents report moderate to severe PMS.

His & Hers PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) Calendar Unique Features and Benefits

Armed with the knowledge that laughter is the best medicine and good communication is the cornerstone of every successful relationship, the His & Hers PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) Calendar is a breakthrough product that combines humor, insight and compassion with a practical perspective to help couples get through the monthly rollercoaster of PMS.
"Wouldn't it be great to have a calendar to keep the rest of your life in good running order? In your quest for domestic peace, love and happiness, consider the His and Hers PMS Calendar. The pain and suffering of premenstrual syndrome is a serious matter and can impact not only women but also their families... This self -help guide is written in plain and simple language for both men and women. This could be a perfect Valentine's Day, anniversary, or bridal shower gift. Priced at $14.95, it seems a great bargain for some personal and domestic tranquillity."
Parent Magazine

Since good communication is the cornerstone of every successful relationship. This easy-to-use tool will help couples communicate comfortably about PMS. Couples can learn how to prevent next month's problems today, by understanding this important woman's health issue.

The His & Hers PMS Calender is a full-color, 12" x 11" size, 40-page guide featuring full colored illustrations including a monthly communication chart, a yearly menstrual calendar guide, an amusing list of do's and don'ts, and tips for handling physical and emotional discomforts.

This compassionate calendar makes full use of modern research showing that a calendar record of PMS goes a long way toward diminishing its impact. Couples can begin using it any time they like - the customized timetable revolves around the user's menstrual periods. The calendar is timeless because it is based on a menstrual cycle, not on the calendar year.

This calendar helps couples communicate at optimal levels through one of the most trying phases of each month. On a colorful grid, women note their varying degrees of discomfort and learn how to clue men in to their needs. At the same time, simple tips on stress relief and physical comfort offer useful advice and information.
"The information provided here is part novelty as well as truly helpful to both men and women. It's also the perfect way to add humor to a tough situation."
AMANDA MYERS, New York Times Syndicate

This self help guide to premenstrual syndrome is written in down to earth language that both men and women can relate to. Lists of do's and don'ts turn stereotypes about the opposite sex into useful advice.

Couples who use the calendar to monitor her emotional and physical needs won't need to be psychic. She will feel more comfortable asking for support and he will learn how to support her in the way she wants to be supported.

This is NOBEL PEACE PRIZE stuff. There are so many relationships struggling and falling apart because the participants don't realize the dynamics of PMS and its effects. I found you too late. But now there is hope for others.
Matt Haren

Gaining knowledge of her health needs and practicing how to love by using the calendar can help reduce tensions that are caused by PMS. Her well being, calmness and sense of control will benefit her loved ones as well as herself. Children will be helped tremendously, since they are likely to be the most confused by PMS symptoms.

The His and Hers PMS Premenstrual Syndrome Calendar is a unique gift for men and women, a loved one, or a friend. This fun to use PMS Calendar is a great gift anniversaries, bridal showers, and Valentine's Day. It retails for $14.95 + shipping.

His & Hers PMS Calendar Benefits Include Helping A Woman:

  • Pinpoint her physical and emotional discomforts
  • Monitor and record her feelings and needs
  • Ask for emotional and physical support
  • Reduce her PMS symptoms and improve her overall health
  • See the sharp curve in advanced on your chart and prepare for smooth turn
  • Prevent next month's problems today
  • Reduce tension with humor
  • Enlighten him

His & Hers PMS Calendar benefits include Helping A Man:

  • Observe his partner
  • Validate her feelings
  • Share and show his feelings
  • Be part of the solution
  • Use his tool for making peace that leads to romance, not to turbulence
  • Support her with patience and compassion
  • Minimize damaging arguments
  • Face her mood swings and don't run out of Ben and Jerry's
  • Be prepared - and ready to duck

Target Market:

Hundreds of millions of women suffer from PMS. Around 35% of women between the ages of puberty and menopause experience PMS worldwide, but they are not the only victims. They are also hundreds of millions of loved ones who suffer its effects in their personal lives.

Inventor is Seeking:

A licensee to manufacture, market, and sell the calendar.

Contact Information:

[IMPORTANT: Please mention this Invention Connection® cyber-booth advertisement when contacting the client.]
Contact: Mark Dereci Title: President
Organization: Cool Press
Address: 289 S. Robertson Blvd., #392, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone: 323 668-0677 | Fax: 323 668-0672
Official Web Site:
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