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Cyberbooth #266
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Category: Household, Consumer Electronics

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Portable Clothes Dryer Features and Benefits

The “Portable Clothes Dryer” is a specially designed electrically-operated dryer that replaces conventional dryers. It can also be used to dry clothing when standard dryers are not available. This drying unit, when manufactured, effectively dries clothes after they have been washed. It can also be used to dry delicates, shoes and other items that should not be dried in a conventional dryer.

The “Portable Clothes Dryer” consists of a series of collapsible arms. Each arm feature a series of clothespins to secure a wet item. A perforated canister with a rotating fan motor, similar to a blow dryer, blows hot air to dry the clothes. The air temperature of the canister is controlled by low/medium/high switches and cool/hot buttons. The clothes and canister are covered by a see-through bag that keep the hot air circulating through the wet clothes. The “Portable Clothes Dryer” also features a durable hook that allows the unit to freely hang when in use. This hook also permits this collapsible unit to be conveniently hung out-of -the-way when not in use.

The “Portable Clothes Dryer” is an alternative to a conventional dryer or when a dryer is not readily available. The user simply places the wet garment on the hangers and presses the desired buttons to activate the motor and temperature switch. Once activated, the user is able to control the temperature of the dryer, effectively drying the items in the desired time. When the off button is pressed the user then lowers the collapsible arms in a compact position ready for convenient storage. The “Portable Clothes Dryer”, measuring (H) 30.3” x (W) 12.5” (closed); (W) 28.75” (open); would be produced in a variety of styles and colors.

The appealing features of the “Portable Clothes Dryer” are its convenience, portability, versatility, compactness, durability, and ease of use. With this device, wet clothing is thoroughly dried without the use of a conventional dryer.

Target Market:

This unit could be ideally used by individuals who are attending colleges or universities because of the limited laundry care appliances available. The space-saving “Portable Clothes Dryer” could also be used in apartments, mobile homes, small houses, nursing homes, hotels, motels, etc. It could save wear and tear on delicate garments by gently using an electrically operated “Portable Clothes Dryer” to dry them. It would eliminate the hassle of going to a laundry mat when a conventional dryer is not available which would save consumers a considerable amount of money and time. It could also save consumers money on electric bills. This portable clothes drying device could be easily carried while traveling, camping, etc., and could be easily stored when not in use. The “Portable Clothes Dryer” would be durable, easy to clean, and simple to assemble.

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is Seeking:

Phase II mission is to present the “Portable Clothes Dryer” to industry or individuals and review any interest that may be expressed. The “Portable Clothes Dryer” comes with a 20yr. Utility Patent, and a fully functioning prototype that has been thoroughly tested for its usability as well as its convenience.

Contact Information:

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Contact: Michael Roper Title: Patent Owner
Organization: Phase II Products, LLC
Address: 175 West 87th Street, Suite 10C, New York, NY 10024
Phone: Tel: (877)363-1182 / Fax: (347) 710-3617
e-mail: or
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