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Cyberbooth #265
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Rocket Spray

Category: Industrial, Home and Garden

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The Problem To Be Solved:

A variety of sprayers are utilized for dispensing chemical liquids such as fertilizers, insecticides, disinfectants, pest exterminating and other residential or agricultural type treatments.

For most commercial and industrial jobs as well as for ongoing and extensive spraying projects around the home, more powerful and reliable sprayer units are required. The type of sprayers used for these larger spray applications are usually the small portable tank units (1-3 gallon capacity) with a manual pump and spray wand.

Currently, "back pack" sprayer models with motor driven pumps which can be carried on the user's back (3-5 gallon capacity) provide stronger spray power as well as capacity for larger jobs.

But for still larger spraying jobs such as home orchards, small farms, golf courses, and larger yards and gardens, etc., commercial-level gasoline-engine power sprayers on wheels (approx. 10-20 gallon capacity) are required.

Rocket Spray Unique Features & Benefits:

The Rocket Spray is a superior lightweight unit engineered to combine the portability and flexibility of the back pack style sprayer, with the high power function of a wheeled gasoline-engine power sprayer unit to cover a wide spectrum of spraying needs with just one product.

Designed as two products in one - the Rocket Spray can be worn as a comfortable back pack unit, and also has an optional fast attachable wheel kit with a handle for easily pushing/pulling the sprayer on the ground in a two wheel dolly fashion.

The Rocket Spray is very powerful, spraying 30 to 35 feet with EZ adjustable pressure from 20 psi to 100 psi!!! Powered by a 12-volt battery charge, the Rocket Spray is long lasting, spraying up to 18 tankfuls on one charge of battery. With a 5 gallon reservoir capacity, a Shurflo pump, a conejet tip and a 3-ft hose, the Rocket Spray is rocket fast with a continuous and consistent spray pattern.

The Rocket Spray spray gun also has a locking trigger for continuous spray and an adjustable conejet tip for a mist or a stream spray. Made of all chemical resistant materials, the Rocket Spray sprays a wide variety of different types of chemicals.

CUSTOMER COMMENT: The K.M. Perry Ranches have attached the Rocket Spray sprayer to the back of a gas golf cart to spray bermuda grass and weeds around trees in the citrus groves and around the irrigation outlets... We sprayed ten acres in two hours. The sprayer is very convenient to operate and does a real good job. One person can drive the cart and spray with the Rocket Spray. We also use it as a back pack. After using the sprayer we don't plan on using the hand sprayer units.
Kenneth M. Perry, Owner, Yuma, Arizona

This ergonomically designed compact sprayer unit includes the motor, battery, reservoir and pump, all within a small, sleek encasement which is contoured to the back of a user with adjustable heavy duty padded shoulder straps for use as a backpack. Weighing just 17.9 pounds (dimensions 18 1/2-w by 25-h by 7 1/2 deep), it is so light and compact you can even use it as a back pack sprayer with the wheel kit attached.

Because the Rocket Spray is powered by a 12-volt battery charge, it is safe to operate and low maintenance. Unlike the gasoline-engine powered units on the market, there is:
NO Danger Of A Gasoline Explosion
NO Harmful Fumes Due To Safe and Odorless Operation
NO Hand Pumping,
NO Pressure Adulator with Gaskets and O Rings That Are Quick To Wear Out,
NO Hard starting gasoline engines,
NO Noise, and
NO Hefty price tag - it is almost half the price of gasoline powered units.

CUSTOMER COMMENT: We ordered one of your 12-volt back pack spray machines with wheel kit. We wanted to see and test this unit before we purchased more of them. In my 20 years in business, I have not seen a spray machine like this, and made as solid and quality as this one. The design is fantastic and the charge holds real well for 3-4 days of heavy work. There are other brand name sprayers known in our industry. Your unit is superior to them in every aspect, for less cost. Also, I highly recommend your rechargeable spray machine, because without cords and hand pump-up problems, our technicians like to use it more, which has translated to greater carpet protector sales.
Sincerely, Henry Badal Fond Du Lac, WI

Ease of Use
The Rocket Spray is fully assembled and ready to use right out of the carton.
It is easy like a rocket, it's all automatic, with just the flip of a switch.
The on-demand operation dramatically increases the longevity of the battery
It has quiet operation so you hardly know its running
The easy carry handle is molded right into the lid.
It has easy access to the charging jack and adjustable pressure switch.
There are no cords or hard pump-up problems.
The New Technology battery and recharger are included.
It eliminates hard starting noisy polluting gasoline sprayers.
It is fast, more versatile, and easy to use by the young and old, male and female alike.

CUSTOMER COMMENT: We have a green house and produce store outside St. Louis. In the past we had purchased hand pump up sprayers and gasoline powered back pack units. Your spray machine is 100% better than any of these other sprayers we have tried, and half the price. I am so happy somebody came up with this technology. We still have the same battery in the unit we purchased over two years ago. this is a fantastic spraying machine, and I don't know why anyone would ever buy another hand pump or gasoline sprayer.
Larry Ritter, St. Louis, MO

The Rocket Spray is designed to perform an extensive range of spray jobs including, but not limited to:

  • Treating Roofs
  • Treating Outside Wood Such As The Application Of Deck Cleaners And Water Sealers On A Wood Deck, House Trim Or Privacy Fences
  • Spraying Plants - Whether Large And Tall Trees Or Low Growing Plants Such As Bushes, Shrubs And Hedges
  • Washing Outdoor Surfaces Such As Sidewalks, Driveways, And Concrete Areas As Well As Outside Windows Or Walls Of Multi-Story Buildings
  • Flower Maintenance Including Gardens And Roses
  • Treating Buildings With Outside Mildew Control
  • Spraying Insect Sprays On Fruit Trees
  • Treating Indoor Carpets With Scotch Guard
  • Spraying Pet Areas
  • Spraying Wallpaper Remover Indoors
  • Spraying Fence Lines With Liquid Edging

The Rocket Spray design includes a handy snap side holder for storing the hand spray gun. It has molded receptacles in the tank for attaching the wheel kit, eliminating the need for a heavy metal frame. It also has a special designed filtering system. And last but not least, it sells for almost half the price of gasoline powered units which generally retail for $450 and up.

Target Market:

Consumers include do-it-yourself Homeowners who treat their own roofs and woodwork, and have lawns, backyards and gardens to maintain. Commercial Users Include (alphabetically): Farmers, Golf Courses, Groves, Landscapers, Lawn and Garden Maintenance Contractors, Municipalities, Ornamental Nurseries, Pest Exterminators, Ranchers, Resort Properties, Tree Farms, Tropical Fruit and Citrus Growers, Vegetable Growers, and Many Other Industrial Applications.

Note: Product is patented and the name Rocket Spray is trademarked.

Inventor is Seeking:

The Rocket Spray is already on the market, and is seeking a licensee to manufacture, market and sell the product on a mass-market scale.

Contact Information:

[IMPORTANT: Please mention this Invention Connection® cyber-booth advertisement when contacting the client.]
Contact: Kit R. Lewis Title: Patent Owner
Organization: Taraco Enterprises
Address: P.O. Box 350 101 West 2nd Street Duke, OK 73532
Phone: 580 679-3670
Official Web Site:
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