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Cyberbooth #264
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Category: Home Improvement, Home & Garden

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Traditional fence posts usually settle
and sink in the ground, disfiguring the
top railing and fencing material.
Unique features & benefits:

While traditional fences are popular and widely utilized as an inexpensive way of enclosing real property, most traditional fence posts respond to the settling ground and sink after they have been installed, disfiguring the top railing and fencing material along with it. This creates a negative effect, making the property seem poorly maintained and run down.

The Round Arch Style

Arch Style Fence Units are a unique evolution that overcome many of the problems associated with traditional fences because they are constructed in a way in which design and utility work together to provide greater strength and straightness, enhancing the fence stability.

Arch Style Fence Units are modular in concept and easy to install, enabling the property owner to install as many or as little are needed to properly enclose the property perimeters.

The Flat Arch Style

Each module consists of a top arch, in which the width of each arch is the same between posts. The posts include an end post, a line post, corner post and gate post with special cups attached at the top.

First the end and line posts are placed into the land and once they settle in their normal position, the two ends of the arch are put into the post cups, which easily fit right into the cups on the post.

Spacers are then inserted into the cups to compensate for shifting, which keeps the arch level, providing beauty year after year. A pin rivet is put into the cup, through the arch, sleeve and post to keep it steady and strong and hold it in position.

The cups can also be flared and sealed to keep water and moisture out. Alternatively, the top arch may be designed to fit down over the cup to keep it dry.

The cup and top arch serving as a brace for each post, providing greater strength and straightness, and enhancing stability.

The Double Arch Style

Last, the fence material is secured to the post and top arches by tie wires and wire tiers.

There are three different patented designs for the Arch Style Fence Units- the Round Arch, the Double Arch, and the Flat Arch which have basic measurements for residential modules as well as commecial modules. However different dimensions can be made for different configurations depending on locations and sites. The steel loop design wire construction provides flexibility of length and width while enabling the fence to withstand strong winds.

The Arch Style Fence Units are affordable, and existing traditional fences can also be converted to these modular units. They can be made in three colors - red, yellow and regular silver.

Target Market:

Homeowners that need an attractive fencing alternative that helps enhance the market value of a home.

Institutions with a need for attractive fencing but limited funding such as daycare centers, nursery schools, parks, schools grounds, etc.

Note: Each style is patented.

Inventor is Seeking:

Investors, manufacturers, license agreement, patent buyers.

Contact Information:

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Contact: Jimmie L. Hill, Sr. Title: Patent Owner
Organization: n/a
Address: 1515 Whitewater Rd., Memphis, TN 38117
Phone: 901 763-7034
Official Web Site:
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