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Cyberbooth #263
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Category: Recreation

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The Problem To Be Solved:

When utilizing a trailer to haul a variety of recreational vehicles behind a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), truck or automobile, it's necessary to properly hitch the trailer to the towing vehicle.

When the items being hauled are light, it's easy for one person to physically pull and line-up the trailer to the towing vehicle so that the opening in the trailer tongue is positioned directly above the ball of the trailer hitch to fasten them together.

However, this isn't possible with extremely heavy trailer loads such as boat trailers, camper trailers or mobile homes. Instead, the driver of the towing vehicle must blindly back-up and attempt to precisely line-up his vehicle with the trailer. Because he can't see the trailer hitch or tongue, this usually takes many attempts. Additionally, the driver often accidentally rams the vehicle into the trailer tongue, causing damage to the vehicle and/or trailer.

Once these are lined up, the next step is lowering the heavy trailer onto the trailer hitch. This lowering procedure is typically accomplished with a device similar to a jack which has a vertical post with a cranking assembly. The jack is initially clamped on the front of the trailer tongue. Cranking the handle lowers the trailer onto the trailer hitch.

Hitch-N-Go Trailer Jack Unique Features & Benefits:

The Hitch-N-Go Trailer Jack is a superior trailer tongue jack system which eliminates the need to precisely back up the towing vehicle to the trailer tongue. Instead, the Hitch-N-Go enables the user to single-handedly and easily move the loaded trailer to the towing vehicle instead.

To use, the driver simply backs up the towing vehicle within a few feet of the hitch, and the Hitch-N-Go Trailer Jack does all the work to align the hitch to the towing ball of the vehicle.

The Hitch-N-Go Trailer Jack securely attaches to the trailer tongue, and allows the user to manually and easily move and steer a heavily loaded trailer to the right spot on the trailer hitch of the towing vehicle.

The Hitch-N-Go has a single wheel with a steering bar and a crank handle for forward or reverse motion which enables the user to drive the trailer for short distances up to several feet towards the hitch on the stationary towing vehicle. Cranking the handle provides forward or reverse motion while steering it to the trailer hitch to the hook-up position.

Once in place, the user just cranks the second handle to lower the trailer tongue into place. It's that quick and easy to hook-up the trailer.

The Hitch-N-Go Trailer Hitch Benefits Include:

  • Trailer Hook-Up Is Quick And Easy.
  • Reduces Hook-Up Time
  • No Strenuous Labor For Manual Hook-Up
  • Less Dangerous Than Traditional
  • Rugged Construction
  • Economical To Manufacture
  • One Person Can Do The Job Without Assistance
  • Has A Rust Resistant Finish
  • Fits Any Trailer Up To 3x5' Tongue
  • Less Dangerous Than Traditional

The Hitch-N-Go Trailer Hitch is recommended for boats up to 21 feet in length or 4,500 pounds, gross trailer weight. The lift height from ground to top of tongue is 24 inches.

Target Market:

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is Seeking:

Contact Information:

[IMPORTANT: Please mention this Invention Connection® cyber-booth advertisement when contacting the client.]
Contact: Clyde McCully Title: Patent Owner
Organization: Hitch-N-Go, Inc.
Address: 324 Eula Drive, Paradis, LA 70080
Phone: 504 758-7883
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