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Cyberbooth #261
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Enchanted Spell-Casting Sorcerers Wand

Category: Toys and Games

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Unique features & benefits:

Magic wands are utilized in classical magic, fantasy art, and literature, including J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings", most recently J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series, as well as traditional children's stories that include fairies and witches, also using magic wands. Due to all this exposure, children grow up fascinated with magic wands.

The Enchanted Spell-Casting Sorcerers Wand is a toy wand that captures children's imaginations, giving the owner of these special wands an aura of mystique along with special magical abilities.

Only a child that owns a Enchanted Spell-Casting Sorcerers Wand can learn the secret spells that control the wand.

The Wand, as currently developed, is operated by moving the Wand in a specific sequence of motions, called a Spell. If a particular Spell is performed properly, the Wand then generates a beautiful interactive display of lights. Each display of lights is specific for a particular Spell, and many of the displays are interactive with the operator's motion, changing their color or pattern in a manner dependent on the direction or force of the motion.

Novice wizards have fun learning all the spells that are written in the instruction manual, and then try to figure out the hidden spells, that can be learned from a Wand Master, or other mysterious sources.

The Wand can be used outdoors, at dusk or at night, playing Firefly, or Skywriting, or made up dueling games. Indoors, the Wand can be played within darkened rooms, playing with the spells, or using it with board games. Indoors or outdoors, the "Leyla Luminoso" spell turns on a bright white flashlight that helps a sorceress light up the dark corners and see where she is going.

Special Magical features of the Wand include:

  • the wand is a smooth and seamless single unit, impervious to dust or water.
  • the wand has no obvious association with electricity or other non-magical energy sources
  • the wand has a hidden energy source that lasts almost forever
  • the wand has a thin, lightweight, nearly indestructible case
  • the wand has a magical visual appearance, in shape and decoration
  • the wand has no moving parts; it moves only as a single integrated device.
  • the wand has no switches or buttons.

Future extensions of the Wand include such amazing magic as:

  • spells that show which way is north, or send a bright SOS, for exploring wizards.
  • spells that control things at a distance - such as computers, TVs, musical synthesizers and other wands.
  • wands that change the way they act, depending on the time of day, or season.

Target Market:

Boys and girls of all ages, including teens are mesmerized by this wand, but adults are also fascinated by this beautiful piece of magical art.

Note: Product is Patent Pending.

Inventor is Seeking: A licensee to manufacture and market the wand.

Contact Information:

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Contact: LICENSING AGENT: DON KRACKE Patent Owner: Ken Holt
Organization: Kracke International
Address: P.O. Box 3006, Bluejay, CA 92317
Phone: 909 337-7384
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