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SureExit Bar Release

Category: Safety

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The Problem To Be Solved:

Security Bars, also called Burglar Bars or Window Bars, have become common in many cities as crime rates increase around the country . These security bars are attached onto the exterior walls of the buildings, and usually have poor quality, if any, built-in release mechanism.

As a result, the very bars that residents live behind for protection, can become barricades that entrap them, preventing them from escaping the toxic fumes of smoke or death by fire.

These security bars not only prevent neighbors from getting inside to help the people in trouble, but create unnecessary delays for firefighters or paramedics, hampering their attempts to rescue the people in time to save their lives. Sometimes fire rescue and EMS personnel encounter permanently installed security bars that just can't be opened, making their rescue efforts futile. Bars on windows can even become a death trap for firefighters who make their way inside, only to discover too late that they can't get out.

The following examples of fire fatalities show why the California, Texas, and other State Legislatures are passing legislation in order to address the problem of residents installing fixed bars with none or poor quality releasing mechanisms.

MIAMI, FL: A woman, 47, and her daughter, 11, trapped inside their house. "The little girl was at her window yelling: 'Help Me! Help me!' said a neighbor, "She was trying to break the bars and everything, but she couldn't". Firefighters tried using a crowbar on the security bars but failed.
DETROIT, MI: Six die in Detroit house fire. Three children, their mother, grandmother and great grandmother were overcome by smoke and died. Security bars on the doors and windows obstructed the firemen from entering the home.
OAKLAND, CA: Five children die after their mother escapes fire but cannot get back inside, blocked by locked door and steel bars on windows.

Some California cities have adopted codes, requiring that all dwellings leave some windows unbarred, yet this leaves the residence vulnerable to intruders, defeating the purpose of installing security bars in the first place. Additionally, this is an inadequate solution as illustrated by the following case:

LOS ANGELES, CA: A woman saves her two sisters by forcing open an emergency foot lever that released the security bars on a back bedroom window. A woman, her son, 2, daughter 3 and son 11 months, died, the bars in their bedroom did not have a release mechanism.

The State of California along with several other states have been in the process of passing legislation and setting standards in order to address and correct this problem. As a result, in the near future bar releases will be required to qualify under certain standards.

The window-bar releasing systems currently on the market have not met these new standards, with various disadvantages found by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. when several systems were examined.

SureExit Bar Release: Unique Features & Benefits:

All windows and doors with security bars should have quick-release devices to allow them to be opened immediately in an emergency. If the security bars on a home, especially on bedroom windows, are permanently fixed or do not have quick release devices, they should be retrofitted with an approved quick-release device.

The SureExit Security Bar Release is a highly-reliable and qualified quick-release system which was created to overcome the limitations and disadvantages of other systems, as well as to meet the California State Fire Marshal's (SFM) standards for security bar releases.

The SureExit Security Bar Release operates from inside, allowing the bars to be opened for emergency escape without compromising the security of a family's home. The quick-release device of the SureExit is easy to open without the use of a key, or detailed knowledge, or great physical effort, enabling any individual of any age, male or female, to swing the bars open quickly for escape.

The patented SureExit Security Bar Release features an optional thermo-bulb release which would automatically release the bars in the case of a fire. As the room temperature rises due to the heat, the thermo-bulb glass breaks, pulling the control rod, releasing the bars, and allowing easy exit from deadly smoke and fire or outside entry by rescuers.

Once the release handle is pressed, it stays open, preventing the bars from accidentally relocking.

Also, see Exit Technologies LLC related product: The FastExit Window Escape System

Target Market:

The California state legislature commissioned the State Fire Marshal's office to be responsible for determining which releases would be approved. SureExit has been designed to meet the new State Fire Marshal's standards (SFM SB 2000), including the provisions of Underwriters Laboratories (Subject 2326, Appendix B).

Exit Technologies LLC is in the process of submitting the SureExit Security Bar Release to Underwriters Laboratories Inc.( for testing) and is anticipating subsequent certification of the window-bar release.

To date, no other security bar releases have qualified for California State Fire Marshall (SFM) approval to be sold in California, providing the SureExit with a unique opportunity to take advantage of the marketplace.

Note: The SureExit is patent pending.

Inventor is Seeking:

Due to the timeliness of the legislation on this issue, and the resulting need for the product that complies with certain standards, a Licensee is being sought with the vision and the resources to act quickly and make the SureExit available to open marketplace.

Contact Information:

[IMPORTANT: Please mention this Invention Connection® cyber-booth advertisement when contacting the client.]
Contact: Warren Redden Title: Manager
Organization: Exit Technologies, LLC
Address: 9440 S. Kipp Road, Gypsum, KS 67448
Phone: 800 989-3500
For more information, visit
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