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FastExit Escape System

Category: Safety

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The Problem To Be Solved:

The potential threat of a fire affects every household and workplace in the country. For this reason, there are strict fire regulations requiring either smoke alarms and/or sprinkler systems, as well as exit plans and emergency doors in commercial or residential structures.

However when a building is on fire, intense heat and toxic smoke can fill an entire house within minutes, blocking pre-planned exit routes and even trapping individuals as they attempt to get out through learned escape paths. For this reason, firefighters recommend evacuation through the nearest exit - most often a window.

Yet the simple act of opening a window can prove difficult for individuals such as young children, the elderly, the physically challenged, or care givers, especially when they are stricken with terror, confusion, and panic in a life threatening fire.

Because every second is critical, the ability to open a window quickly can be the difference between life and death.

FASTEXIT Escape System: Unique Features & Benefits:

The FASTEXIT Escape System is a product which can be easily installed as a new or replacement window on most first floor window locations. The result is an easy-to-operate emergency exit which opens without any special effort or knowledge.

FASTEXIT gives equal advantage to the young or old, weak or strong, to escape a life-threatening situation. FASTEXIT is simple enough to enable young children and the physically challenged to open the window by simply pulling down on the red anodized pendant. This automatically unlocks and lifts the window, allowing the individual to quickly get out.

The FASTEXIT is designed to play a major role in a family's fire exit plan by supplementing quality smoke and heat detectors. Most importantly, it complies with and complements the long-standing procedures of firefighters across the nation.
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The FastExit Escape System is a "Power Window Opener" which consists of a FastExit Escape unit and a specially modified single hung window. The window installs just like any other window. The power unit mounts with screws just above the top window trim and is connected to the bottom sash and lock with stainless steel aircraft cable. After the window is installed, the FASTEXIT power unit only takes about 30 minutes to install by an experienced installer.

Operation of this fire-safety device is accomplished by simply pulling down on the chain with the red anodized pendant. This releases a special hammer which punctures a CO2 cartridge releasing high pressure CO2 gas into the power tube (cable cylinder) where a powerful lifting force is generated on the lift cables, unlocking and opening the window.

The FASTEXIT's attractive design easily hides behind most curtains and blends in with almost any window setting. The system does not interfere with normal operation of the window, allowing it to be unlocked and opened freely on a day-to-day basis. Because it is a totally manual system, random heat or smoke will not accidentally trigger the system.

Easy to maintain, the FASTEXIT has a punctured cylinder indicator which tells at a glance the status of the CO2 bottle. Likewise, the red and green indicators are revealed by a hole in the cover for a reliable indication of whether the unit is "cocked".

FASTEXIT Benefits Include:

  • it is easy to install, requiring just 30-60 minutes by an experienced installer
  • it does not require electrical power
  • the window can be opened normally for day-to-day use
  • it cannot be triggered accidentally by random smoke or heat
  • activation requires simply pulling on a chain with a red pendant
  • it blends in with the normal window and window treatments
  • it complies with the uniform building code
  • it complements smoke and heat detectors

Target Market:

According to the NFPA, deadly smoke and fire claim the lives of over 4,000 Americans and injuire another 25,000 Americans each year. The FastExit is targeted to those who need assistance opening a window in the event of a fire, including: young children, the elderly, the physically challened, parents of young children, and care givers.

FASTEXIT can be utilized by homeowners as well as convalescent homes, senior citizen centers, child care nurseries, K-12 schools, and other 1-story buildings.

This fire safety egress window is the perfect solution to help meet the local fire codes and the uniform building code for builders, contractors, remodelers, and homeowners.

Note: The FastExit is patented in the U.S. and internationally.

Inventor is Seeking:
A Licensee with the vision and the resources to accelerate the acceptance process with a smart aggressive marketing plan.

Contact Information:

[IMPORTANT: Please mention this Invention Connection® cyber-booth advertisement when contacting the client.]
Contact: Warren Redden Title: Manager
Organization: Exit Technologies, LLC
Address: 9440 S. Kipp Road, Gypsum, KS 67448
Phone: 800 989-3500
For more information, visit
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