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Cyberbooth #256
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Guard Dog Filter

Category: Home Improvement, Industrial

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Problem To Be Solved:

In residential and commercial air conditioning systems, it is common to have a split system central air conditioning system in which the condensing unit is located outdoors.

The condensing unit continuously draws air across all of the condensing coils in which the system refrigerant circulates.

The sides of the condensing unit are generally open to the surrounding atmosphere, having a widely spaced metal grid. This is effective in keeping out large objects, but usually small airborne objects (such as bird feathers, cottonwood seed, dirt, dryer lint, grass clippings, insects, leaves, pet hair, paper, trash, tree blooms, twigs and other debris) are drawn into the coils and create a restriction.

Operating the condensing unit with clogged coils lowers the efficiency and decreases the life expectancy of the air conditioning system. This results in higher electrical costs and the need to replace the system sooner.

Conventional methods of cleaning the coils are difficult, environmentally unfriendly, and often dangerous for homeowners to perform. First, the outer shell on many units must be disassembled. Next, a commercial cleaning solvent must be applied to the clogged coils. And finally, the unit must be rinsed with a garden hose. A service company may charge as much as $75.00 to $100.00 to perform this procedure.

Additionally, the run-off of the cleaning solvent into the surrounding earth pollutes the environment, and using a garden hose around the condensing unit creates a risk of electrocution.

Guard Dog Filter's Unique Features & Benefits:

The Guard Dog Filter is a specially designed lightweight, removable and reusable debris filter for residential and commercial air conditioning systems.

The Guard Dog Filter is made of a spaceage polymer material. It prevents wind borne debris and objects (such as bird feathers, cottonwood seed, dirt, dryer lint, grass clippings, insects, leaves, pet hair, paper, trash, tree blooms, twigs and other debris) from entering the coils of the condensing unit. Its special material gives it the ability to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Installing the Guard Dog Filter is a quick and simple procedure. Simply wrap the Guard Dog Filter around all four vertical sides of the exterior of the condensing unit (on top of the existing widely spaced metal grids) and hold it in place by pulling the drawstring tight and then tying a knot, or securing the fasteners that are provided.

The Guard Dog Filter then effortlessly performs its job by preventing small objects from getting into the inner coils. The Guard Dog Filter saves hours of labor by eliminating the need to remove any parts of the condensing unit for cleaning, as well as having to use a hose and solvents to clean out the coils.

It is easy to inspect whether the Guard Dog Filter needs cleaning. To periodically clean the Guard Dog Filter, just remove, wash it in a sink or brush it off, and reinstall it. There are no commercial solvents or tools required for the job, making it environmentally safe.

The Guard Dog Filter is a very inexpensive one-time purchase which greatly leverages the equipment life of the unit, the unit efficiency, and operating cost. It reduces costly service calls as a result of unit overload due to clogged coils and helps keep maintenance costs of air conditioning units in check.

The unique design will fit almost all manufacturers designs and styles.

Target Market:

There are millions of residential and commercial air conditioners in the United States which are utilized in apartment buildings, residential homes, restaurants, and commercial buildings.

Sales outlets include do-it-yourself home improvement stores, department stores independent heating/air conditioning distributors, TV shopping networks, HVAC manufacturers

Note: Product is patented and trademarked.

Inventor is Seeking:

Offer to major manufacturer exclusive agreement to license or purchase the patented filter to be included in its packaging of new air conditioners.

Contact Information:

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Product: Guard Dog Booth: 256
Contact: Patrick J. Deal Title: CEO
Organization: Guard Dog
Address: 2434 3rd Avenue, Terre Haute, IN 47807-1312
Phone: 812 201-3723 | Fax: 812 466-1624
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