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Cyberbooth #254
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Baby Carry-All Belt

Category: Baby Products

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Unique features & benefits:

As any new mom discovers quickly, taking care of a baby comes with a lot of "baggage". When taking the baby anywhere, it requires taking along a large diaper bag full of essential baby supplies such as diapers, baby wipes, diaper cream, baby bottles, pacifiers, burp cloths, etc.

Yet carrying these bulky diaper bags can be quite awkward, especially when also having to hold the baby, a regular purse, and other large accessories such as a stroller or baby carrier.

The Baby Carry-All Belt is a solution that helps lighten mom's load by keeping the weight off her shoulders as well as leaving her hands free for carrying the baby, holding the hands of older siblings, or carrying other accessories or items.

Similar to a fanny pack, the Baby Carry-All Belt is an adjustable belt worn around the waist which accomodates up to four cloth bags (pouches) of various sizes which are specially designed for different baby items. It replaces the diaper bag and purse, and places all the needed vital baby supplies as well as a wallet and keys, etc. within easy reach around mom's waist.

The pouches which are made for items like baby diapers/wipes have elasticized openings or velcro closures for quick access, while the pouches for keys and a wallet have zippers for security.

The pouches can be arranged on the belt in any position desired. And the wearer can select how many pouches to put on the belt depending on the activity and baby's needs. Because all the pouches are visible, it's easy to find things quickly without searching.

The Baby Carry-All Belt is very useful when going on social visits to family and friends because everything mom needs for the baby is at her fingertips. It's also great when taking short trips to the supermarket, going shopping, or on other errands such as picking up older kids from school.

The Baby Carry-All Belt is also great to wear while working around the house because whatever the baby needs is instantly accessible around the mom's waist without having to go into the baby's room. Wearing the Baby Carry-All Belt also leaves mom's hands free for performing other important functions.

Additionally, the Baby Carry-All Belt is also a handy way to provide all the necessary supplies when leaving the baby with grandparents, or baby sitters.

The Baby Carry-All Belt is designed to carry the following items:

  • diapers and wipes
  • 2 baby bottles
  • a pacifier
  • baby ointment
  • burp cloth
  • checkbook, wallet, keys, etc.
  • baby food
  • small toys
  • any other needed items

The Baby Carry-All Belt is lightweight and can be offered in a wide selection of fabric patterns and belt colors. It adjusts to fit around the wearer's waist. It's excellent for running errands, or walking. It's washable. It helps alleviate back/shoulder strain.

Target Market:

New mothers of babies from birth up to 2 1/2 years old.

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is Seeking:

Licensees to manufacture and market the Baby Carry-All Belt.

Contact Information:

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Contact: Lorinda Wheeler Title: Inventor
Address: 4634 West Bluebell Way, Tucson, Arizona 85742
Phone: 520 744-0886
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