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Cyberbooth #253
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Bubbla Packaging System
Category: Packaging , Industrial , Office Supplies

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The Problem To Be Solved:

Special protective cushioning materials are used by many companies to package and protect valuable or delicate products during the mailing, shipping and/or storage process.

The most common type of wrapping and package void-fill materials utilized by businesses are air bubble packaging material and/or foam peanuts and foam sheets. However, purchasing and storing large quantities of these pre-fabricated bubble rolls or huge and bulky peanut storage bags and dispensers, or leaky and cumbersome liquid foam systems are "space grabbers" which take up large amounts of office or warehouse space.

While some companies re-order these materials frequently to save space, the process still requires the purchasing department to spend valuable human resources and time to place, track, and inventory the orders on an ongoing basis.

Unique Features & Benefits: The Bubbla Packaging System:

The Bubbla Packaging System is an in-house and on-demand system for companies to manufacture their own air bubble wrapping and packaging void fill material as they need it each day. It is an economical do-it-yourself system that saves money, increases storage space, saves time, and helps the environment.

The Bubbla Packaging System includes a Bubbla machine which can be conveniently placed on any counter top, on a small table, or on its optional base. A simple one-button On/Off operation automatically starts feeding a roll of special low density polyethylene flat film into the Bubbla, creating air pockets as the film passes through and exits the Bubbla machine.

The Bubbla system is very easy for anyone to operate. Loading a roll takes less than one minute, and the warm-up time is only 2 minutes, just once at the beginning of each day. In minutes, the Bubbla will generate as much air-filled bubble material as needed for the job or project at hand.

Because the Bubbla processes a roll of flat, un-inflated material, the Bubbla system frees up large amounts of storage space, utilizing only 1/125th of the conventional volume of factory air-filled products. One 8" wide x 12" diameter roll of un-inflated material will make 110 cubic feet of air-filled bubbles in approximately 1 hour, and provides the equivalent volume of 8.5 bags of conventional peanut type packing material.

Additionally, the costs of ordering and transporting an un-inflated roll of film for the Bubbla system is much, much less than the costs of transporting the space-consuming, pre-manufactured materials which are sent from the manufacturer to a wholesaler, and then to a distributor before it gets to the end user.

Bubbla machines can also easily set up for larger conveyor and other types of multiple packing station systems.

Benefits include:

  • "Just in time", on demand packaging.
  • Compact size. Fits anywhere: shipping table, overhead, or optional base.
  • Small air inflation packets (bubbles) ensure maximum protection of the product being shipped even if one or two bubbles are broken. Compared to competitors' inflated materials, Bubbla bubbles are small, each only 1" in diameter (inflated).
  • Simple to install, simple to use. Requires only 120 volt single-phase outlet. Optional portable base available.
  • Fast operation. Produce packing material to keep up with multiple packing stations. Easily assimilates into any packing station system.
  • Neat and clean operation.
  • Saves expensive rental space. No need to warehouse other packing materials such as foam wrap, cumbersome conventional air-filled rolls, or messy liquid foam barrel systems.
  • User safety. The step-down transformer included in the Bubbla system plugs into a ordinary 120 volt electrical outlet. Everything within the Bubbla machine is low voltage for safety. All internal parts are within a fully enclosed housing, further enhancing worker safety.
  • Save money, and help save our environment.
  • Customer replaceable items. Teflon belt and easy to install heater element.
  • Roll Sizes. Standard 8, 12 and 16 inch sizes. For custom sizes and materials, including anti-static and thicker materials, please contact our sales department.

Target Market:

Bubbla is perfect for small to large size businesses that need to have shipping materials on an ongoing basis. These include:

  • Industrial manufacturers
  • E-commerce shippers
  • Fulfillment houses
  • Protective packaging resellers

Inventor is Seeking:

  1. Strategic Investors
  2. Independent Rep Organizations
  3. Distributors
  4. Licensing/Sale of Patent
  5. Customers: Industrial Manufacturers; E-commerce Shippers; Fulfillment Houses

Contact Information:

[IMPORTANT: Please mention this Invention Connection® cyber-booth advertisement when contacting the client.]
Product Name: Bubbla Packaging System Booth: 253
Contact: Jay Jacobs Title: Vice President
Organization: Bubbla, Inc.
Address: 7931 Deering Avenue Canoga Park, CA 91304
Phone: 877 4-Bubbla | 818 884-2000 | Fax 818 884-2164
Homepage: http://
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