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Ear Pro TekTM

Category: Personal Care

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The Problem To Be Solved:

   The ear is one of the most sensitive areas of the human body.
  In certain allergic or unfriendly environments a protection is required even for healthy ears.
  When the ear (external or auditory canal) is infected, protection is needed from moistures, chemicals, dust, insects.
  After surgery extreme caution must be taken against the entry of any fluids or foreign matters.

Ear Pro TekTM Unique Features & Benefits:


  * The Ear Pro TekTM is a soft waterproof plastic enclosure, with non allergic adhesive, that fits snugly over the outer ear and keeps the entire ear dry. 
  * Inexpensive, use a simple existent technology to manufacture.
  * Easy to apply:
        peel-off protective release paper, hook over the top of ear and press firmly.



Easy to use. No painful ear plugs.
Soft clear plastic with non allergenic adhesive.
Available in small, medium and large size.

- Not recommended for swimming or diving -


Keeps water, fluid & foreign matters out of ear.
Healing process is faster & less painful.
Protects during shower or shampoo.
Protects ear after surgery.
Easy shampoo for bedridden patient.
Efficient protection in hostile environment..

Protects ear in shower. 
One unit fits right or left ear. Disposable.
Easy to pack for travel

No battling children with ear plugs, while shampooing or playing in sprinklers during summer.
Use it while recovering from Swimmers Ear.

Protects ear during beauty procedures.
Keeps hair dye or permanent solutions out of ear, use under the dryer if hot air is uncomfortable.
Helps prevent infection after ear piercing.

Target Market:

 1) Doctors specializing in ear problems;
 2) Pediatricians;
 3) Beauticians;
 4) Dermatologists;
 5) Hospitals;
 6) Nursing Homes;
 7) Hotels;
 8) Retail stores;
 9) Pharmacies;
10) Places to take a shower (spas, gyms, sport arenas,
       swimming pools, tanning salons);

Note: Product is Patented.
          Testimonial letters available

Inventor is Seeking:


Contact Information:

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Contact: Donna Voorhees Title: Owner/Patent Holder
Organization: Ear ProTekTM
Address: 3353 Rubio Crest Drive, Altadena, CA 91001
Phone: 866 327-2273 (866 EAR-CARE)