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Cyberbooth #247
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Motion Scarecrows, Inc.

Category: Industrial, Home Owners, Bird Control

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The life-sized Motion Owl realistically simulates an owl. It combines both motion and sound, moving its head from side to side and hooting when its sensors are activated by birds or other animals.
The Problem to Be Solved:

The damage and/or destruction of outdoor property by pests such as pigeons, crows, seagulls, starlings, opossums, house sparrows, black birds, squirrels, and rodents is an age old problem with costs as high as billions of dollars in damage around the world. On June 21, 1998, the L.A. Times reported that, "In the U.S. alone, wildlife-related damages reach nearly four billion a year...".

Frequent targets of these pests are:

  • High fixtures such as billboards, gas station and storefront signs, light poles, chimneys, satellite dishes, sky lights, ledges, roof tops and vents;
  • Private property such as patios, piers, fences, balconies, motor homes, boats, docks, decks, a/c units;
  • Ground areas such as: seeded areas, fruit trees, trash areas, new lawns, vegetable gardens.

    While the bird deterrent industry promises high rates of success with existing products on the market, they are mostly ineffective and inadequate. Stationery products such as plastic owls do little to deter birds and other animal pests.

    Motion Scarecrows: Unique Features & Benefits:

    According to studies conducted by Motion Scarecrows, Inc., the combination of movement and sound are the best deterrents. Both of these features have been incorporated in deterrent products created by Motion Scarecrows, Inc. which are low cost, environmentally friendly and humane, and keep animals away without chemicals, and without any potential harm or injury to animals.

    • Motion Owl

      This life-sized, battery-operated Motion Owl comes in the form of a great horned own which moves and emits an authentic hoot when the sensors are activated. The head rotates in thirds while the owl hoots to scare and deter birds and other animals away from a designated area. It works eight feet in four directions (approximately 16 feet in diameter) with virtually 360 degrees of coverage.

      The owl's eyes also glow in the dark to detour night time pests. It features durable weather resistant construction, and comes with three built-in mounting brackets. It runs on three AA batteries and an optional solar adaptation kit is available. The Motion Owl retails for just $39.95.

      TheWhirly sits on top of outdoor fixtures such as signs, and features antennas which constantly rotate to keep birds or other animals away.
    • Whirly

      The Whirly is a solar-powered, cone-shaped rotating device with two adjustable telescoping antennas that constantly spin to keep birds and other animals from landing on fixtures such as gas station signs, billboards, storefront signage, a/c units, gardens or seeded areas, etc.

      The Whirly has an effective 5-7 foot range, and is weather resistant and engineered to work in rain, fog, and winds up to 30 mph. It comes with built-in mounting brackets and retails for just $49.95.

    • Fruit Protection Bags

      Fruit Protection Bags are a protective netting made of a tightly woven light weight material which opens and closes at each end to slip over and protect the fruit on trees and/or bushes. These five-foot long bags can be installed on any fruit tree and keep birds from ruining the fruit before it's had a chance to ripen. They also keep the fruit from falling to the ground if it's windy. The openings on each end (with locking drawstrings) allow easy access to the fruit without removing the bag. The bags are durable, weather resistant, and washable. A set of two bags retail for just $19.95.

    • Universal Mount:

      The mount can be used with the Motion Owl or Whirly and is bendable as well as paintable for mounting on the side or tops of buildings, light poles, signs, gardens, lawns, and virtually anywhere. They retail for $7.95.

    All these products are safe, effective, easy to install with a 30-day money back guarantee and one year warranty.

    Target Market:


    • Billboard maintenance
    • Boat owners
    • Farmers
    • Gardeners
    • Home owners
    • Property management companies
    • Utility companies

    All products are patent pending.
    All products are finished and ready for sale. Existing inventory is available.

    Inventor is Seeking:

    Distributors and sales representatives.

    Contact Information:

    [IMPORTANT: Please mention this Invention Connection® cyber-booth advertisement when contacting the client.]
    Contact: Liam Moran Title: V.P. Sales & Marketing
    Organization: Motion Scarecrows, Inc.
    Address: P.O. Box 1966, Ventura, CA 93002-1966
    Phone: 805 388-1770 | Fax: 805 388-4663
    For more information, visit
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