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Cyberbooth# 238
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Super Toilet
Category: Household

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Unique features & benefits:

Whether at a social gathering or just among family and friends, bathroom odors can be an unpleasant and very embarrassing experience. Air fresheners/deodorizers mix with the odors, and bathroom fan/vents work after the fact.

The Super Toilet solves this problem by removing and eliminating odors 100% right at the source - the toilet bowl - WITHOUT the use of noisy fans, chemicals, or any artificial power.

The Super Toilet is a toilet ventilation system that utilizes nature's laws to eliminate bathroom odors, funneling fumes from the toilet through plastic tubing out the window or fan/vent.

The Super Toilet is simple to install on current toilets in between the toilet bowl and seat. The plastic tubing can either be affixed to the wall exterior, or can be hidden from view within the wall (with some minor drilling).

There are three models: one is a universal attachment that is easily attached to any toilet bowl; the second model is built right into the toilet seat, and the third model is built within the whole toilet bowl unit.

For new office building, apartment building, and home development projects, the Super Toilet system can be built into the bathrooms at the time of construction.

    Benefits include:
  • it's inexpensive, only about $50 for the system
  • almost all parts made of inexpensive recycled plastic and rubber
  • uses no fan (one model uses a tiny fan that runs on just 5% electricity of regular fans)
  • easy to install - one, two, three, just stick it on

Target market:

Household consumer market of

  • Apartment renters
  • Home owners
  • Apartment owners and managers
  • Commercial building contractors
  • Aircrafts and trains
  • Portable toilets

    Inventor is seeking:

    Venture capitalist or investor to fund a company

    The Super Toilet won the First Place Award at the Invention Convention spring '98 trade show

    Contact information
    Contact: Charlie Dung Phan Title: Inventor/Patentee
    Organization: Super Seat USA
    Address: 17027 E. Cypress St. Covina, CA 91722
    Phone: 626 915-4531 Fax: 626 732-3815
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