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Cyberbooth #236
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Microwave "Automatic" Splatter Shield
Category: Household

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Problem To Be Solved:

Due to busy schedules, and increasing demands, most people don't have time to cook traditional meals for themselves or their families. Many family members often eat at different times, using the microwave oven to cook quick meals.

Yet foods being cooked in the microwave can be messy, often splattering all over one or more of the inside walls which requires cleaning up with paper towels or a sponge. To prevent this, a person needs to go through the added inconvenience and waste of covering dishes with plastic wrap to help keep the microwave oven clean.

Another problem is that foods don't seem to cook evenly in many microwaves. Microwave "Automatic" Splatter Shield helps solve this problem by trapping the moisture under the cover. This also helps maintain it's moisture content, taste and texture.

Splatter Shield's Unique Features & Benefits:

The Splatter Shield is an automatic food cover that saves work, time and money by keeping the microwave oven walls, ceiling and oven door clean. It is a clear, plastic bowl shaped cover that is suspended from the top of the interior of the microwave oven and is automatically raised or lowered by opening the microwave oven door. (See also Factory Installed Version)

The cover is made of durable, dishwasher safe, clear, heat resistant polymer which allows full viewing of the cooking process. This product also locks in the moisture and improves cooking results so that food is better tasting, moist, and evenly cooked and heated.

The user can easily control the distance that the cover descends by adjusting the lowering mechanism to accommodate the height of any food container. The lowering mechanism can also be inactivated when heating foods that don't splatter, such as coffee, tea or when heating water.

The Splatter Shield operates efficiently with the cover remaining stable during cooking and also removes easily for cleaning.

It also improves the safety of operation - eliminating the risk of a fire that can occur when accidentally using aluminum foil or using paper towels to cover food.

The Splatter Shield can be used by existing microwave owners as well as incorporated into the microwave oven manufacturing process.

Benefits Include:

  • mounting system is easy-to-install in minutes
  • keeps oven interior clean without the use of costly paper towels, plastic wrap or wax paper
  • no more manually covering and uncovering food
  • automatically keeps microwave clean and splatter free
  • dishwasher safe
  • easy height adjustment
  • easy to remove
  • can be used with turntables
  • does not alter or damage microwave

Factory Installed Version:
The factory installed version would have several high tech features such as:

  1. the customer can press a button to activate or turn off the Splatter Shield function;
  2. light emitters to indicate how far to lower the cover and prevent it from coming in contact with the food;
  3. when the oven stops cooking, the cover is automatically raised and remains recessed and out of sight in the ceiling
  4. customer can press a button to selectively raise or lower the height of the cover prior to cooking
  5. the customer can press a button to lower the cover for removal and cleaning

Target market:

Millions of households with microwave ovens.

Inventor is seeking:

Licensees or outright sale of patent.
Note: Product is patented
Name is trademarked.

Contact information
Contact: Greg Tripp / Mitch Michaluk Title: Co-inventors/Patent Holders
Organization: Microwave E-Z Cover Inc.
Address: 2123 Cassell Street Augusta, GA 30906
Phone: Greg Tripp at 706 790-7239
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