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Cyberbooth# 232
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Picture Hanger Helper

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Unique features & benefits:

When hanging a picture frame, mirror, or other object on the wall, most people have experienced the balancing act of trying to hold the frame up against the wall, while simultaneously reaching behind the picture frame to mark the exact spot where the nail or hook needs to go. The larger the frame, the more difficult this task is. The project is awkward even with two people.

Generally, with pencil in mouth, a person places his finger on the spot behind the frame, and attempts to keep the finger in the exact place while leaning over and fumbling to set down the picture. He can then mark the wall with the pencil, and get the nail or hook and hammer to finish the job.

This method often results in "approximate" or random positioning. Once completed and the picture is hung on the wall, the person steps back to take a look at the picture, often to find that it is "off" by a little to the right, left, top, or bottom. The nail must be pulled out, and re-driven in the right spot, leaving an additional hole in the wall.

The Picture Hanger Helper is a one-step process that helps to both position and mark the spot on the wall in one easy process. Simply slide the attachment onto the metal brackets on the back of the picture frame. Then position the frame on the wall where you need it. When it's just right, simply press lightly on the picture frame to create a minute indentation on the wall surface where the nail needs to go. Remove the attachment from the back of the picture frame brackets, and finish by hammering the nails in the precise spots on the wall.

The Picture Hanger Helper is:

  • precise and reliable,
  • simple,
  • leaves no disfiguring marks on the wall and doesn't chip paint off
  • easily works for 2 point mountings
  • can be used with all types and sizes of frames

An alternate version works for picture frames that use wire or string on the back. The Picture Hanger Helper is great for positioning arrangements of multiple pictures on the wall because it leaves no damage to the wall.

Target market:

It is a universally versatile product for:
Interior designers of office buildings, homes, and buildings.
Home owners.
Apartment residents.

Inventor is seeking:

Licensee to manufacture and market the product.

Note: Product is patented.

Contact information

Product Name: Picture Hanger Helper Booth: 232
Contact: Richard E. Deaton Title: Inventor/Patentee
Address: 10108 S.E. State Road 100 Starke, Florida 32091
Phone: (904)964-9747
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