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Cyberbooth# 228
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Qwik Winch

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2500 lb. Qwik Winch with double pulley and single pulley
Unique features & benefits: For the increasing numbers of adventurous outdoor enthusiasts that love driving SUV's, Jeeps and 4 Wheel Drives in Nature's rough terrain (as well as boaters, snowmobilers, etc.), there is always the possibility of getting one's car, truck, snowmobile or ATV stuck.

Removing a vehicle from such situations often requires the power only provided by a winch. Existing conventional winches are expensive and somewhat limited in the area of available pulling angles. Also, they require a permanent installation and electric or hydraulic power to operate. Manual winches (Come-Alongs) available on the market are less expensive but limited in their power and length of cable reach.

Photo credit: KII Automotive Group

The Qwik Winch Kit, which retails at about one third the cost of most conventional electric models, is a unique combination of gears and pulleys, which empowers the user with the mythical strength of Samson to pull vehicles out of otherwise impossible situations. It can even pull a vehicle directly sideways. The creator of this tool appears in the 1998 - 1999 edition of "Who's Who of American Inventors". Less than 10% of all patent holders are selected each year for this membership.

The Qwik Winch connects to a trailer/box hitch and can operate in any of four different positions thus greatly increasing the number of available pulling angles. For example, this is especially important if a vehicle is stuck in the woods, and the location of a tree isn't in line with the vehicle's hitch.

Inserting the Qwik Winch in the box hitch and running a pulley to a near by object like a tree, allows the user to pull a vehicle forward, backward or even sideways. By continually alternating between rocking the vehicle and cranking the winch, keeping steady tension on the cable, you can literally "walk" your vehicle out of almost any situation.

Qwik Winch is manually operated, requires no assembly and performs under practically any conditions - even underwater. It can be rigidly mounted to a motor vehicle or anywhere a box type receiver can be securely installed and easily removed when not in use. The pulley kit gives the 2500 lb. model a total capacity of 10,000 lbs.!

The Qwik Winch is:

  • Economical
  • Reliable
  • Durable and will last a lifetime, with proper care and maintenance
  • High quality and reaches further with more power than conventional portable hoists
  • Electric models are planned for the future

Qwik Winch is available in several models from a small 400 lb. cap. with 70 ft. of 1/8" cable for snowmobiles and ATV's, on up to the 2500 lb. cap. with 120 ft. of 3/16" cable for full sized pick-ups and vans, with several models in between for cars or light trucks & Jeeps.

Accessories include various sizes of pulleys including single and double models. Specialty hitches are planned for the future.

Well, I tried out the winch and as we say here in the south, it's the best thing since sliced bread. I made a couple of test pulls in the back yard with the "sammy" and it worked like a breeze but I was truly amazed when I hooked it to my Ford F-150 and then proceeded to winch the stump from our fallen weeping willow tree right up out of the ground. I had tried this with the truck and a chain and could not budge it. I don't know how much it weighed but it was 18 inches in diameter and heavy. I am a true believer. If you happen to see the guy from SamSon tell him I am definitely impressed with his handiwork.
Jim B.

Target market:

Any vehicle with a box-type receiver hitch is a potential user of Qwik Winch. The SUV market is one of the fastest growing trends in automotive sales. (Note: Many SUV's come factory equipped with box-type receiver hitches which are rapidly becoming the standard of the industry, and are ideally suited for Qwik Winch.)

Also, boaters, campers, sportsmen, contractors, outdoorsmen, off road enthusiasts, snowmobilers, military personnel and even Moms will appreciate this tool in an emergency situation.

Qwik Winch is patented and has been tested by Intertech Testing of Cortland, New York.

Additional information can be found at:

Inventor is seeking:

Licensees. Currently being manufactured and sold by SamSon Enterprises.

Contact information
Contact: Samuel Julian Title: Inventor/Patent holder
Organization: SamSon Enterprises
Address: P.O. Box 911 Syracuse, NY 13206
Phone: 315 431-0755
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