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Cyberbooth# 227
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StressBuster Wrist Watch
Category: Health

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Unique features & benefits:

We are living in an era of daily exposure to an unprecedented bombardment of news and information, product commercials, ever improving tools to enable quicker communications like telephones, cell phones, pagers, e-mails, increasing noise and environment pollution, etc. All in addition to handling the day-to-day responsibilities of one's career, family, and home life.

The attempt to constantly deal with innumerable attractions, distractions and decisions creates an ongoing stress level which can lead to a lack of focus, inability to deal with making decisions, feeling overwhelmed, and an uncomfortable anxious energy (anxiety and stress) along with a feeling of being "out-of-control".

The technique of controlled breathing is used in a wide variety of situations to facilitate relaxation and well being, and to help individuals to feel focused and deal more effectively with increased demands. True relaxation is achieved by a paced respiration below the normal breathing rate of 12-16 breaths per minute (BPM). Yet this rate can be difficult to achieve when a person is in a stressful state.

New biofeedback systems that work with a desktop, laptop, or notebook computers help to measure breathing patterns and usually also provide measurement of physiological behavior outside of normal consciousness.

Yet such sophisticated equipment are not necessary to induce relaxation on a personal daily basis. While it is possible to estimate breathing rates, a metronome is essential as a reference device for greater accuracy and faster relaxation.

The StressBuster Wrist Watch is a portable contemporary tool that is a traditional analog timepiece over an LCD which acts as a breath pacer to create the state of relaxation at any time, in any location.

It can be programmed with a wide range of breathing rates to suit the individual's needs. A circular graphic face that expands and contracts to indicate when to inhale and exhale results in the establishment of a steady breathing rate. The smooth, oscillating motion continues for 10 minutes and automatically shuts off unless it is reset. It can also have an audio tone ie. frequency sound, to indicate when to inhale or exhale with the lights off, or while driving without looking at the display.

Costing hundreds less than biofeedback systems, the StressBuster can be used as a stand alone tool as well as a starter training device for more expensive equipment. The StressBuster is especially helpful in improving meditation practice, yoga practice, or focusing on breathing.

Different models can be designed in a variety of attractive geometric shapes like triangles, stars, squares, etc.

Target market:

The adult workforce in any industry, at any level.
Individuals in all categories of sports.
Individuals involved in meditation, yoga practice or other esoteric exercises involving breathing.

Inventor is seeking:

Licensees to manufacture and distribute.

Note: The product is patent pending.

Contact information
Contact: Grant Strine Title: Inventor/Patentee
Address: 218 Northbrook Drive Media, PA 19063
Phone: 610 892-4768
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