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Cyberbooth #224
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Sealing Liquid Re-Circulator
Category: Industrial

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Unique features & benefits:

Environmental regulations and other considerations often demand that mechanical seals be used in centrifugal pumps. With clean pumped fluids, a single mechanical seal does an adequate job. But with abrasive pumped fluids containing high solids, however, these single mechanical seals have their limitations. The seals are expensive because of very hard rings and insert materials. Their early failure is not acceptable cost wise or time wise.

The best solution would be to use a double mechanical seal, if the sealing liquid pressure and flow could easily be maintained. Until now, hydraulic pumps with their associated electric motors have been used. These pumps are expensive to run and they themselves have a failure rate that is too high. Repairs are expensive, simply put, they are the chief limitation for using double mechanical seals.

The sealing liquid re-circulator is an electronic shuttle control using air to pump the sealing liquid. With Chektek's patented electronic shuttle control, air is used to pump the sealing liquid. Two tanks are used and sized according to the maximum number of pumps to be served. Three simple spool solenoid valves and two tank level sensors are used. One spool valve directs returned sealing liquid to a selected tank, one valve receives sealing liquid under pressure from a selected tank, and one valve directs air pressure to a selected tank. All selection is controlled by the ChekTek electronic shuttle control.

It has no moving parts. But consists of a simple spool and O'rings. They are long lasting and easily repaired. The electronic shuttle control is mounted in an instrument enclosure with a viewing glass. Each pump return line has a line filter and a flow switch with an associated LED, which can also be seen in the viewing glass. With loss of flow in a particular pump a shutdown can be enabled. Loss of air pressure and loss of power are alarmed. We feel that this re-circulator is the best system presently available.

Tungsten carbide rotating rings and carbon 5 inserts are used by Chektek. If a seal fails, the carbon insert is usually the only thing to be replaced. The sealing ring can be refaced. The electronic shuttle control has other applications. For instance, air operated pumps generally have the mechanical shuttle built into the pump itself. It is prone to failure and any repair means disassembly of the pump. With ChekTek's electronic shuttle however, the power piston position is sensed at each extreme position and air is externally applied to reverse the position. The pump is double acting in contrast to many other air operated pumps. This product is more economical to maintain and repair.

Target market:

Oil Fields, Industrial Plants, Pumping Stations and Seal Manufacturers.

Inventor is seeking:

Manufacturer licensees. Note: This product has a U.S. patent.

Contact information
Contact: Iraj Rafei Title: Inventor/Patent holder
Organization: Chektek Co.
Address: 7276 SW BVTN HLSDL Hwy Ste 271 Portland, OR 97225
Phone: 503 203-8459 ph/fax
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