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Cyberbooth# 222
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Category: Sports

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Unique features & benefits:

The sports of hunting, bird watching, wild-life photography, or scientific observation of nature not only require intense concentration, but also complete quiet. The object is to see but not be seen, and hear but not be heard, etc. It is common to hear stories from hunters about "the one that got away" (deer, turkey, etc.), usually due to a cough, a sneeze, or clearing of the throat.

Trying to stifle the cough or sneeze often makes it even louder, and using one's gloves or the shirt's collar doesn't work either.

The Muff-ler is a lightweight (two ounces) mouth and nose cover that deadens the sound of coughs and sneezes by an estimated 95-98%. It has a strap that is worn around the neck so that the Muff-ler is always accessible and can be placed over the mouth and nose only when needed. Built-in vent holes allow air to exit the Muff-ler and also removes any moisture.

The outer material is made of nylon which can be designed with a variety of camouflage patterns such as camo green for bow hunters, turkey hunter, camo orange for rifle hunters, white camo for muzzle loaders or late season bow hunters.

It is a rack merchandise item that fits in with hunting accessories and outdoor apparel.

Additional applications include:

  • use for war game participants and the army.

  • a more elegant design for the Muff-ler can be used by viewers of operas and plays where the traditional use of throat lozenges doesn't eliminate coughing or sneezing, and creates additional disturbance from the unwrapping and rustling of cellophane wrappers.

The Muff-ler is durable, soft without any hard edges, and is easily compactable for storage in pockets, or packs. It is either machine or hand washable.

Target market:

Inventor is seeking:

Note: The product is patented.

Contact information
Contact: Edward McBrearty Title: Inventor/Patentee
Address: 395 Ranch Road Indian River, MI 49749
Phone: 231 238-7170-h
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