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Cyberbooth# 221
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Product Applicator Comb (PAC)
Category: Personal care, Pet care

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Unique features & benefits:

For beauty salon professionals or do-it-yourselfers at home, applying hair care products like hair grease, gel, color dye, mousse, conditioners, or special shampoos can be a messy and hit-and-miss job.

Distributing these hair care products evenly throughout the entire scalp or only where you need it, normally requires alternating between sectioning the hair with a comb or other tool, and dispensing the liquid to selected areas of the scalp.

The PAC is a multi-purpose dispenser that simplifies this process by combining a bottle and comb into one product that saves time by enabling the user to section the hair while simultaneously applying the hair care product.

Instead of squeezing a large amount of liquid on the head and trying to spread it throughout the scalp and hair, the PAC allows the flow of the liquid to be controlled by squeezing the bottle to dispense just the right amount of liquid needed in a certain area. This is especially important when using hair dyes to color new hair growth at the roots.

The four wide comb teeth of the PAC makes it easy to locate, part, and dispense liquids into those normally hard-to-reach areas of the scalp like the back of the head. When applying a liquid to the entire length of the hair, the PAC makes it easy to comb through the length of the hair while dispensing the hair care product through all four comb teeth, which is ideal for conditioners or hair oils.

When not in use, the bottle can be stored upright, and includes a removable comb teeth cover to preserve the liquid when in storage.

The entire PAC bottle and comb is made of strong, microwavable material so that products that have hardened between uses can be microwaved, thus softening and liquifying them for use.

Pet care: The PAC is also extremely useful for veterinarians, pet beauty shops, and pet owners who need to distribute special medications in specific areas of the animal's body, or other hair care products on furry animals.

Target market:

1. Hair salon professionals
2. Male and female consumers of hair care products
3. Veterinarians
4. Pet beauty shops
5. Pet owners of furry animals

Inventor is seeking:

Licensees and/or licensing agents.

Note: Product is patented.

Contact information
Contact: Floyd Ramsey Title: Inventor/Patentee
Organization: M-PAC, Inc.
Address: 2900 Jills Trail Edmond, OK 73012
Phone: 405 348-9350
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