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Cyberbooth# 219
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Category: Medical

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Unique features & benefits:

LolliCold® and LolliCough® are the first all-natural cold and cough medication for children in a lollipop delivery system.

The demand for alternative and preventative medicines has grown as more people seek healthier lifestyles, as well as due to increasing concern over the effectiveness and side effects from conventional medicines.

LolliCold®/LolliCough® is aimed at children, who are more susceptible to colds and coughs than adults, and face a greater danger of developing complications.

While the active ingredients in other cold/cough products (combined into one product) "mask" the condition, LolliCold® and LolliCough® are two separate and natural pediatric products for children, each aimed at boosting the immune system with proper homeopathic* combinations and relieving the specific symptoms of either cold/flu or cough/sore throat.

The unparalleled benefits of LolliCold®/LolliCough® include:

  • Taste: they taste great. There is no bitter tasting zinc and children love them as much as the real candy.
  • Nontoxic ingredients: they have no preservatives, no sugar, no alcohol, no chemicals, no artificial colorings, no artificial flavors. They are made with natural nontoxic ingredients and are non-addictive, having no unwanted side effects.
  • No side effects:where other products cause nausea and diarrhea, or are even non-medicinal (they only have a soothing effect), there are no side effects, upset stomach, or drowsiness.
  • No overdose danger: because of very small doses used in homeopathic remedy, they are completely safe. There is no overdose danger from exceeding the recommended dosage of 2-3 lollipops per day.
  • Easy to take format: no more hard to swallow pills or sickening syrup.
  • Strength: It is a fast acting, high potency, effective, all-natural medicine.

Additionally, it has been proven that sublingual administration of medication (slowly dissolving medicine by placing it on or under the tongue or by chewing a tablet) allows immediate absorption into the blood stream, while oral medication may take approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours to cross the gastro intestinal tract. Therefore, the unique lollipop format not only makes the medication fun and easy for kids to swallow, but even helps the medication do its job much quicker and more efficiently.

*Note: Homeopathy is a 200-year-old medicine whose fundamental principle is to stimulate the body's own natural healing capacity by stimulating its defenses. Homeopathic remedy is derived from plants or mineral substances which are diluted to the desired potency.

LolliCold® and LolliCough® are being through through 5,000 stores in the U.S. Ask your local drug store or pharmacy for them.

Target market:

Families with children
Drug stores

Note: The products have achieved FDA compliance (while other products on the market do not have this), and have specific drug claims. They are competitively priced.

Inventor is seeking:

The company's product line includes the pediatric cough and cold category and adult allergy (Allergenze) category.

The LolliCold® and LolliCough® products have been extensively researched and tested and are already being sold through thousands of stores throughout the country.

The company is seeking investment as well as wholesalers, jobbers, and possibly distributors.

Contact information
Contact: Grace Reyes Title: Owner
Organization: Naturally Made Products
Address: P.O. Box 4718 Glendale, CA 91222
Phone: Please send inquiries by e-mail.
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