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Cyberbooth# 212
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Category: Home & Garden

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Unique features & benefits:

Just like healthy, thriving plants contribute to a person's feeling of well-being and add beauty to a home - neglected, wilting and dying plants can cause people to feel gloomy and guilty about not taking care of their living plants.

The Plantpal is an automatic, self-watering and feeding system for potted plants that gives everyone a "green thumb" by keeping plants healthy and growing naturally.

Research indicates that over or under watering plants is the most frequent cause of poor plant health. The Plantpal stores water for 7-14 days at a time and supplies just the right amount of water that plants need, only when they need it - at the root level - ensuring that plants receive the right amount of moisture, oxygen and nourishment.

Using the Plantpal is very easy, and does not require the replanting of already potted plants. And it works on nature's principles, it doesn't require any power, batteries, nor electronics. The Plantpal is a plastic, compact, corrosive-resistant device with two water reservoirs that is easily positioned inside a larger decorative plant pot, hidden from view. Add a layer of compost to the bottom of the larger pot, covering the special "wick". Then place your potted plant inside the larger one, add water, and the installation is complete. Just refill when empty. Plant food can also be added during the growing season.

The Plantpal's magic is the result of a built-in automatic valve system in the form of uniquely designed flow pipes that work on natural hydraulic flow principles which manage the water consumption of plants. The stored water is released using the valve to maintain a balanced supply of moisture nutrients and oxygen at the root level. When the compost is dry, the valve supplies water; when the compost is wet, the valve automatically shuts down.

The Plantpal fits most 8-12 inch plastic/ceramic decorative pots or can be used with a specially designed, integrated pot that has a built-in area for the Plantpal as well as a water viewing level to indicate when it needs refilling.

It can be used with houseplants, patio tubs, and is ideal for outdoor gardens. It comes in a range of sizes for all containers, is easy to clean, and functions for years.

For additional information and to purchase retail units, visit

Target market:

1. Retail nurseries and lawn and garden supply stores*
2. Retail florists (with annual sales of 4.8 billion)
3. Houseplant owners ** Ideal for professionals on the go, and families on vacation.
4. Wholesalers of lawn & garden supply and equipment

*According to Doyle Johnson, agricultural economist in commodity economics division, the greenhouse and nursery sector is the fastest growing segment of U.S. agriculture. In 91, growers cash receipts for greenhouse, nursery and turf grass agriculture was 8.4 billion. The greenhouse nursery section is the sixth largest commodity group and accounts for almost 11% of farm crop cash receipts.

**In 1996, more than 35.2 million households purchased houseplants and related supplies.

Inventor is seeking:

"Plantpal" is already being manufactured and J.E.X.S. Inc. is the main U.S. agency for "Plantpal" and is seeking additional distributors and wholesale buyers.
J.E.X.S. Inc. is also seeking investment to grow the company.

Note: The Plantpal has been sold on Home & Garden Television, and has won several awards.

Product is patented.

Contact information
Contact: John Pinnington Title: President
Organization: J.E.X.S. Inc.
Address: 889 Rainbow Blvd., Suite 149, Las Vegas, NV 89122
Phone: Toll free 1-888-550-6661 or 702 870-4055 | Fax: 702 870-4255
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