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Cyberbooth# 210
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Engine Lubricant Flow Path Monitoring System[TM]
Category: Industrial

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Unique features & benefits:

An engine is an expensive part of any machine. It's failure is often costly in both time and money. To achieve the maximum useful life in the most cost effective manner, a few simple guidelines need to be followed.

Most engine failures are due to lubrication problems. Existing monitoring systems measure only the pressure, or the temperature, or the viscosity. These monitoring systems reveal that a problem exists only when it is too late to fix it. They don't prevent failure, they only alert the machine operators of the failure after the fact.

Detecting wear on lubricated surfaces and maintaining all fluids in good condition is the most difficult because the condition of the lubricant viscosity and the lubricant flow path has been difficult to determine on a continuous basis.

To actually be able to monitor it is something new. The lubricant is supposed to prevent wear and a high quality lubricant does a good job of this, even though things can happen that reduce the ability of the lubricant to protect vital machine parts.

Fuel dillution, oxidation, and nitration are some of the important ways in which the lubricant can lose its protective properties. All of these things will cause a viscosity change in the lubricant and will be detected by Dynalarm.

Dynalarm is an engine lubricant flow path monitoring system that detects wear on lubricated surfaces in engines and other machines and monitors viscosity changes in the lubricant. This monitor is so sensitive that it can detect a failure in 1 of 16 connecting rod bearings at any operating temperature or RPM.

Dynalarm looks at how much oil is flowing in the engine or machine and computes what the oil pressure should be while monitoring the temperature. If the lubricant viscosity changes or wear increases, the computed value will change. With a change of only 1-2 percent, an operator can be alerted or the machine shut down.

With Dynalarm, one lubricant can be compared to another. An engine can be compared to another of the same type to determine wear. If the lubricant becomes less viscuous because of the fuel dillution, this will show up. If bearing wear increases, this will show up. If the oil is being used to the point where it becomes oxidized, this will show up.

Bottom line, Dynalarm helps prevent major engine failures by closely monitoring the lubricant and lubricant flow path

Target market:
1) Industry: Marine, Railroad, Construction Oil drilling,Transportation, Military
2) Diesel Engine O.E. Manufacturers
3) After Market Service Centers.

Inventor is seeking:

Manufacturer licensees and distributors.

Note: Product has U.S. patent and international patents pending.

Contact information
Contact: Iraj Rafei Title: Inventor/Patentee
Organization: ChekTek Co
Address: PMB #271 7276 S.W. Beaverton Hwy. Portland, OR 97225
Phone: 503 203-8459 ph/fax
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