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Cyberbooth# 208
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Kent's Grass Rake Tongs
Category: Home & Garden, Farming

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Unique features & benefits:

Using a standard rake is usually a clumsy process, often requiring the use of a separate device or a difficult-to-use attachment to help move and bag loads. In addition to the expense of many of these added devices, they can be inefficient especially when they cause the rake to become entangled in flowers, shrubs, tree roots, wood and wire fencing, etc.

Kent's Grass Rake Tongs is a versatile tool that makes getting the garden ready in the spring, mowing the grass, cleaning up the yard in the summer, as well as bagging leaves in the fall, a much simpler and more pleasant task.

Kent's Grass Rake Tongs consist of a pair of rakes joined midway at the handle with a pin and ferrule, which enables them to pivot and rotate 180 degrees from a fully open to a fully closed position.

Surprisingly lightweight, and perfectly balanced, they effortlessly swing wide open and are very easy to maneuver to close in on and grasp a variety of objects, similar to tongs.

They are especially useful for large, bulky, and awkward loads of branches, trash, leaves, grass, straw, waste, litter, etc. that are prickly, or odd shaped, and nearly impossible to carry barehanded or with a regular rake.

This self-contained tool helps you solidly and easily grab small or large loads as wide as 3-4 feet, without losing any of it while transporting it across the yard, field, street, etc. Light loads can even be carried with just one hand, and it can also be used as a regular rake by just unfolding the tongs.

Whether you're trashing it, bagging it, or composting it, the design of Kent's Grass Rake Tongs helps you grab whatever you have without breaking your back trying to hang onto it.

The simplicity of the concept behind this tool belies the full impact of its ability to reduce the yard/farming work load. They come fully assembled, require no maintenance or power source, and are convenient to store like a regular rake.

Kent's Grass Rake Tongs are available for purchase from the inventor, and retail for $25.00.

Target market:

Hardware and garden stores

Inventor is seeking:

Note: Product is patented.

Contact information
Contact: Kent Laughlin Title: Inventor/Patentee
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