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Cyberbooth #207
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Category: Fashion Apparel

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Unique features & benefits:

It's no secret that apparel is big business. These days, not only are younger children fashion-conscious, but brand-name clothing has even extended to toddler's and infants.

Hot-On-Track has created a patented line of eye-catching designer t-shirts with matching shorts or baggy pants, for a broad fashion market that ranges from infants to adults (t-shirts and pants fit both male and female) worldwide.

The designer t-shirts feature a background section of material with a variety of themes, for example, jungle, arctic, ocean, etc. The patented process creates a "unique" effect out of the t-shirt material which lays over the themed area, giving the t-shirts depth and dimension.

The t-shirts can have long or short sleeves, and the designs include various colors and sizes. The t-shirts may also include borders of silkscreening to create a finished look, and the shirts can be further customized with the addition of silk-screened lettering.

The Hot-On-Track clothing line is trendy, comfortable and easy to care for, as well as priced competitively.

Several target market samplings have been performed, including Knotts Berry Farm which sold out its sample shipment of 1500 in three weeks.

The patented design can be applied not only to apparel, but also backpacks, bedspreads, curtains, etc.

Target market:

Infants to adults, both male and female, worldwide.
High traffic tourist areas like theme parks, resorts, zoos, etc.

Inventor is seeking:


Product is patented.

Contact information
Contact: Connie Menke Title: Inventor/Patentee
Organization: Hot-On-Track
Address: 1822 16th St. P.O. Box 1637 Columbus, NE 68602
Phone: 402 563-1835
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