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Cyberbooth# 201
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Category: Advertising Specialties, Automobile Accessories, Office Supplies

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Unique Features & Benefits:

Welcome to CardClip®! The original, patented CardClip® was developed as a convenient way to hold multiple business cards on the windows of automobiles, so that customers could take a card when the sales agent or owner was away from the vehicle. However, the CardClip® has many applications, limited only by the imagination.

The CardClip® is a small, lightweight product made of durable and reusable plastic. It has an area across the top that can be used to display a pre-printed or customized message, making it an ideal advertising specialty item. This area is like a mini billboard, providing continuous exposure of a slogan, logo, name of business or generic message like "For Sale", "For Rent", or "Take One". The message can be silk-screened, hot stamped or a stick-on label can be used, which provides excellent opportunities for graphics.

The CardClip® features a series of special notches going down the stem that securely hold paper, plastic and laminated products until an individual takes one. This feature allows you to present your advertising material to potential clients in a unique way that makes it visually appealing, thus more inviting to take.

Advertisers can display business cards, brief messages, coupon specials or 2-for-one offers, or even postcards and flyers. The CardClip® is designed with a variety of attachment methods that enable you to attach multiple copies of your information to any vertical surface such as a bulletin board, wall, window, refrigerator, etc. These attachments include: 1) window clips for automobiles, 2) suction cups for glass surfaces, 3) magnets, 4) peel and place removable tape for walls, metal, glass, etc., and 5) wall tacks and pins for bulletin boards and wall surfaces.

Some of the ways that the CardClip® can be used include:

  • Automobile dealerships for instant rebate cards and after hours shoppers

  • Sales kits for representatives in the sales and services industries

  • Signage (CardClip® compliments any sign and better serves the customer by putting phone numbers and contacts at their fingertips 24 hours a day)

  • Retail establishments and professional offices for use on doors, windows, and walls to post business cards, out-to-lunch messages, discount coupons, "Help Wanted" information, etc.

  • Bulletin boards in colleges, churches, supermarkets, apartment or office building lobbies, etc. to post messages, business cards and items "for sale"

  • Sales/display booths at tradeshows, conventions, fleamarkets, sidewalk art shows, fairs, etc. are prime display locations

  • Art galleries (business cards or fancy detail cards may be used on the wall next to paintings and sculptures offered for sale)

Target Market:

1. Anyone advertising in the general public
2. Advertising Specialty Industry
3. Automobile accessories and dealerships
4. Real estate agents and other sales teams
5. Retailers and service representatives
6. Business offices
7. Printers, etc.

Inventor Is Seeking:

Licensees- the CardClip® is an ideal product for manufacturers of existing injection-molded items, or for an advertising specialty company that can manufacture and distribute it.

Possible sale of entire product package, including patent and trademark rights, domain name ( and quality, two-cavity steel injection mold.

Open to brainstorming any other options or ideas.

Contact information

Inventor/Patentee: Dan Shubeck
Contact Person: Christina Malcolm, Marketing Coordinator
Organization: DWShubeck
Address: 50 Verdoso Avenue La Selva Beach, CA 95076
Phone: 831 688-2547
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