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Cyberbooth# 193
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Category: Health/Fitness

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Unique features & benefits:

Carpal tunnel is an injury caused by repetitive, forceful and uninterrupted motion. Constant repetitive motion causes swelling around the tendons which puts pressure on the median nerve. This compression causes carpal tunnel syndrome which affects the hands, wrists and forearms. Symptoms include numbness in the wrist and arm, constant pain, loss of grip strength and eventually paralysis of the affected area.

Traditional treatments can include splinting, wrist braces, pain pills, physical therapy, and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. The worst case scenario is a very painful surgery combined with costly physical therapy which ultimately leaves the individual with only partial and limited use of his hands and arms.

One man underwent this drastic treatment, and after the operation tried physical therapy with an endless array of exercise equipment - none of which worked. Over a period of six years and extensive research, he developed the Powerciser. Utilizing this product, the inventor recovered full strength and complete use of his hands and arms.

The Powerciser is a round, plastic bagel-shaped device with a metal ball that rolls around inside, providing just the right isometric tension for the recommended exercises. It works the quick response muscles in the arms, which have been neglected by the average person. The rocking, reciprocating motion stretches and warms all of the underlying tissues in the arms from the fingers to the shoulders.

Benefits include:

  • No assembly is required, no batteries are needed, it is a simple tool ready to use anytime.
  • Exercises are simple and involve using the Powerciser as you move your arm up and down or sideways slightly on any angle, and in any direction you desire.
  • It's quiet and small and can be used at the office or anywhere, anytime - it does not require a special setting ie. a gym or park.
  • It is small and lightweight, and can be conveniently carried in a purse, stored in a desk drawer or car glove compartment.
  • Used just 3-5 times a day for a few minutes each time, it guards against repetitive stress injuries often associated with prolonged usage of computer or other typing equipment.

    It's use also provides coordination of the hands, wrists, and arms which also makes it an ideal exercise tool for a wide variety of sports from golf to the martial arts.

    It can retail from $9.95 to $19.95.

    Target market:

    The Powerciser has two multifaceted markets:

    1) Prevention or rehabilitation of carpal tunnel syndrome. Millions of workers in a variety of industries from computer operators to meat processors are susceptible to carpal tunnel. Prevention of this injury will save businesses billions in workers compensation and leave of absence due to being injured on the job.

    2) Sports - the majority of sports require hand/arm strength and coordination. Golfers, tennis players (and other paddle/ball games like squash, racquetball, etc.), baseball players, basketball players, swimmers, etc.

    Inventor is seeking:

    A licensee that can manufacture, distribute, and market the Powerciser.

    Product is patent pending.

    Contact information
    Contact: Richard Johnson Title: Inventor/Patentee
    Organization: Neat Things
    Address: 2790 Buckingham Way Corona, CA 91719
    Phone: 909 279-2331/b
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