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Optic Ease[tm]
Category: Personal Care, Medical

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Unique features & benefits:

Due to the delicate and sensitive nature of the eyes, contact lens wearers go to many lengths each day to clean, disinfect and rinse their lenses.

Yet when it comes to the point of inserting the contact lens over the cornea of the eye, one's fingers and hands are typically utilized - the least hygienic tools which most often transfer debris, germs, soap residue, hand oils, etc. onto the contact lens.

The Optic Ease[tm] is a simple-to-use tool that enables the wearer to pick up and insert the contact lens without directly touching the lens with the hands.

Resembling a conventional eye dropper, the Optic Ease[tm] is a vacuum actuated device that incorporates the natural law of suction to pick up, grasp and place the contact lens on the cornea of the eye.

A special design feature ensures that this action is gentle yet strong enough to function without deforming the soft lens.

The Optic Ease[tm] benefits include:

  • promotes hygiene to prevent eye contamination and help avoid serious eye injury
  • easy and fast usage
  • inexpensive to manufacture resulting in an economical price for consumers
  • the device is easy to clean between each use to maintain aseptic quality
  • it saves significant time in placing lens in eyes
  • it is of special usefulness for women with long fingernails

Target market:

Everyday contact lens wearers. The American Optometric Association (AOA) reports that nearly 25 million Americans wear contact lenses and 90% of the users are between ages 16-44.

AOA reports that more than 80% of contact lens wearers go to an optometrist for eye care and more than 97% optometrists offer contact lens services. Due to this, the Optic Ease[tm] can be bundled with existing optical wear products and marketed through optometrist offices or optical wear discount stores.

Sales over the counter through purchase at pharmacies, racked within a supermarket or dept store's health and beauty product section.

It also has medical applications in surgical procedures involving application of lenses where condition of aseptic quality is of paramount importance.

Inventor is seeking:

A licensing agreement to manufacture and distribute the product.

Note: Product has a utility patent.

Contact information
Contact: Joseph T. Pomerantz Title: Inventor/Patentee
Address: 405 Queen Anne Club Drive Stevensville, MD 21666
Phone: 410 643-2155
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