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Cyberbooth #188
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Category: Office supplies

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Unique features & benefits:

Roll-A-Brain is a handy, rotary, keystroke guide that makes programs like Word, Excel, Lotus, etc. very, very easy to learn and use. Roll-A-Brain displays most essential operations in a simple, compact, symbolic, keystroke shorthand.

The Roll-A-Brain fits neatly between the keyboard and the monitor. It is always in ones field of view - with the right keystrokes. It virtually eliminates the strain of remembering hundreds of "seemingly incoherent" key strokes to perform tasks. It is right there if one forgets. No more reaching for a manual - Roll-A-Brain's manual is just one page!

The need and appetite seems very clear for all levels of skills of computer users - those beginning, transitioning, and as a memory aid for experts

The Handy Keystrokes is a lightweight plastic roll - less than 10 ounces which is 13" long by 2 *" diameter, and is ergonomically designed to work with all IBM compatible computers, and Mac users in the future. It comes with a stand, making it easy to exchange the rollers in seconds, which are easily placed in the stand.

The Roll-A-Brain is designed for self teaching, regular users, and as a memory jogger for experts,. It's guaranteed to make the computer work and make life more kindly and productive, and will improve productivity and pay back in a few weeks.

Typical Software Programs include:
  • Ms Word 6.0:
  • Ms Word 7.0:
  • Ms Word '97:
  • Ms Excel 5.0:
  • Ms Excel 6.0:
  • Ms Excel '97:
  • Lotus 123 Spreadsheet 3.1:
  • Lotus 123 Spreadsheet 5.0:
  • Lotus 123 Spreadsheet '97:
  • More Coming: Claris, Corel

Target market:

The current sales of MS Office '97 and MS Office '95 are reported in excess of 60 million and 100 million respectively.

The Roll-A-Brain was introduced at the 1997 Invention Convention® in Pasadena, CA and was received with unanimous enthusiasm.

Plus...Roll-A-Brain was awarded the First Place Award in the Computer Category.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information
Contact: Charles Badewitz Title: Inventor
Organization: C.J.B. Assoc. Inc.
Address: 1583 Calle de Andluca La Jolla , CA 92037
Phone: 619- 459 -9098
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