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Cyberbooth# 185
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Cooper Poly-Pig Launcher
Category: Industrial

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Unique features & benefits:

Before any industrial pipe is launched into operation for running water, sewage, oil or gas, it needs to be cleaned and dewatered. Up until now, contractors had to fabricate their own "pig launchers" using time-consuming and largely ineffective methods.

The Cooper Poly-Pig Launcher is a state-of-the-art apparatus for launching compressible poly-pigs into pipelines for cleaning purposes. With Cooper Poly-Pig launcher they will be able to buy the ready-made launcher and hook it up to any size or type flange or plain end pipe.

It compresses a poly-pig (a bullet-shaped solid piece of foam) into the pipe, and under immense pressure pushes the pig through the pipe. The pig comes out on the other end, bringing out the entire dirt and debris, making the pipe ready for its intended use.

The Cooper Poly-Pig Launcher is extremely easy and quick to install, and it will save the contractors' time and money. With Cooper Poly-Pig launcher, it will only take one or two men (depending on the size of the pipe) a few minutes to complete this operation, as opposed to hours of work required at the present time.

At the same time it will insure the safety of the pipeline operation by preventing an accident from occurring when using home-made devices and unsafe, unproven, methods.

The apparatus uses a long, conical chamber to compress the poly-pig down to the I.D. of the pipeline and pushes it into the pipeline by using a long, all-thread bolt with ACME threads. The launcher comes in several standard sizes with larger sizes available upon request.

These launchers are designed to launch pigs in pipes up to sch. 160 in each size, up to 10" and in .500 wall pipe above 10".

The supplier carries a full line of replacement parts for these launchers, which last a long time and can save many hours of labor and equipment cost. Special instructions and maintenance directions are includedto prolong the life of the device and insure the safety of the operation.

Target market:

Pipeline contractors
Offshore drilling
Municipalities: city sewers and waterworks

Inventor is seeking:

Contact information
Contact: Clarence Cooper Title: Inventor
Address: 1417 Bernice St. Morgan City, LA 70380
Phone: 504 385-2046
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