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Cyberbooth# 184
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Can't Miss
Category: Household

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Unique features & benefits:

Potty training can be a frustrating time for both parents and toddlers. Yet potty seats are the same for girls and boys and do not address the specific needs of little boys. Small boys urinate as many as 7-8 times a day and are especially prone to multiple messy accidents when attempting to learn to urinate while standing at the toilet. Can't Miss is both a toilet training tool for little boys as well as a toilet bowl splash guard.

As a toilet training tool, Can't Miss helps little boys remember that the toilet seat is up when the Can't Miss is on, so that they start learning from the start that they need to lift the toilet seat up to urinate properly wherever they go. This helps prevent accidents that are embarrassing for the child and parents when visiting friends, family or at public restroom facilities.

Can't Miss also provides a visual barrier so that little boys who make a mistake can gauge their aim and redirect it instantly - without creating a repulsive mess for mom or dad to clean up. Can't Miss is test-proven as a tool that works to help little boys learn to urinate properly faster, while it also helps boost their self confidence that they did it right.

As a splash gard, Can't Miss eliminates the unpleasurable chore of cleaning up a child's urine in the bathroom. Can't Miss is designed to catch the wayward urine before it leaves the toilet, to prevent it from spilling on the floor, going behind the toilet, or all over the shower curtains! The semi-circular device easily snaps in and out of place on top of the toilet bowl. The concave walls catch the urine, automatically redirecting it back into the toilet bowl. The top spash guard supplies additional protection. Can't Miss is simple to clean - just rinse it with warm water and any detergent and flush the dirty water down the toilet. There are no mechanical parts.

The Can't Miss as a splash guard is also applicable to other household uses for example, when anyone is sick with a stomach ache, and needs to throw up. The Can't Miss helps any substance stay within the toilet bowl.

Additionally, the Can't Miss can be utilized for adults who are in rehabilitation in the health care industry, and senior citizens in convalescent homes.

Several additional features are in development that will make the Can't Miss an even more appealing training and sanitary product.

Target market:

International market of:
Households with young boys age 2-5 yrs
Child care facilities industry including day care centers, kindergarten, and preschool.
Health care industry including hospitals, convalescent homes, adult care facilities.

Distribution channels:
Toy stores
Pharmacies/drug stores
Discount/variety stores

Inventor is seeking:

Manufacturer to license product.
Mold injection quotes.
Venture capitalist or partner to fund a company.

NOTE: Product is patented.

Contact information
Contact: Eric Johnson Title: Inventor/Patentee
Organization: Jr. & Johnson Products
Address: 5803 Ventana Dr., Fontana, CA 92336
Phone: 909 822-6464
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