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Cyberbooth# 182
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Stay Alert
Category: Automotive, Safety

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Unique features & benefits:

Sleep researchers say that driver/motor vehicle operator drowsiness accounts for as many highway accidents as drunk drivers. Further, most people rely on safety belts and air bags to minimize injuries.

The Stay Alert works to prevent these accidents in the first place by providing aural, visual and tactile warnings when the driver becomes drowsy and fatigued at the wheel. It does this by combining the body's structure and natural reaction to sleepiness as an effective trigger mechanism to set off the warnings.

Whether a drowsy person is sitting up or standing up, the head is the first part of his or her body which droops or bobs forward as the muscles get relaxed. The Stay Alert, which is worn around the neck while driving, not only makes physical contact with the driver's chin when it drops, but also responds with a flashing light, and an alarm sound to snap one out of the sleep state. Most of all, the Stay Alert helps create a vigilant, watchful, and cautious mental state of mind.

The Stay Alert is designed to warn a driver of drowsiness. Good One, Inc. recommends that the driver use common sense and pull off the road safely and rest if drowsiness continues after the initial alert.

The Stay Alert has a variety of other practical uses such as a wake up/snooze alert device for shift workers, night watchmen, students, military sentries, avionics and pilots.

It can also be used as a night reflector and aural warning device for recreational vehicle operators and bicycle riders, roller skaters, etc.

Target market:

Motor vehicle operators/Automobile drivers worldwide
Campers and RV drivers
Shift workers
Night watchmen
Military sentries
Avionics and pilots

Inventor is seeking:

Manufacturer licensees and distributors.

Note: Product has U.S. patent and international patents

Contact information
Contact: Richard Bang Title: CEO
Organization: Good One Inc.
Address: 3200 Wilshire Blvd. North Tower Ste 1388 Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone: 213 383-9150/b Fax: 213 383-9180
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